Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Are You Talking or Speaking?

Talk less and Speak more

People don't listen to what you are saying not because you are a bad person or don't have great things to say.

They don't listen because you were/are probably talking instead of speaking. *shocker alert* Forget about what your dictionary says about talking and speaking.... There is a huge difference between both of them and you need to know these significant differences as a person/entrepreneur that is willing to create something that matters.

Talking is cheap. Speaking isn't: You don't need to go out of your comfort zone to talk. All you have to do is say what everyone else is saying, doing it the way they are doing it... That's talking and that's the reason why people won't really listen to you - they've probably heard what you have to say somewhere else.


Speaking isn't all of that, Speaking is expensive. Speaking involves thinking real hard, doing a lot of research work before you pour out your mind. When you speak, you don't do it with the intent of pleasing everyone. You say things that challenges the status quo.

>>>Because talking is very cheap, it doesn't involve risk taking. People that talk think  when they do what everyone else is doing, one day they'd become popular. Yes, they may become popular because they are a few popular people that have spent all of their life taking.

But life is not a popularity contest. Life is all about changing lives by creating something that matters. And you can only do that by speaking.

Start talking less and start speaking more.

PS: Speaking is not for lazy minds and when you speak you might not get "big" results but it is definitely worth it because you are creating a culture that really matters.

Sadiq Daniel is a certified Crazy Writer and Teens Coach that blogs on business, Self- development, Life lessons and Ideas that challenges the status quo... You can pursue him on Twitter: @sadiqspeaks LinkedIn: Sadiq Daniel and Email: Sadiqdaniel@gmail.com