Monday, 31 August 2015

What To Do When You Don't Know What To Do [Setting Priorities]

It is true that we can't manage time. We can only manage what we do in respect of time. So from the time management books we have read or classes we have attended, we have been told to filter our goals, do the right thing at the right time A.K.A set priorities.

It is very easy to filter the bad stuff from the good ones or the wrong stuff from the right ones. But the real problem is picking the most important stuff in the midst of very good stuff. Yes, that's the real problem we face when it comes to setting priorities.

There are so many "good" opportunities (thanks to the advent of technology) flying around and they are so sexy that their sexiness confuses us- knowing that we can only pick some and leave the rest.

We do not want to make the wrong choices but we don't know how to make the right ones.

A couple of months ago, a friend called me and told me about a great business idea he was working on and how he wants me to be part of it. He told me about the business, sent me the business plan and business model and it was something I really dig.

But at the time, I had some other stuff I was working on- my blog, speaking engagements, my book and two other startups. I was confused!

This idea might eventually turn out to be the next Google or Facebook and I don't want to have any regrets when that happens.

In that confused state, I stumbled on Ash Ambrige's article on setting priorities. (I really can't find the article. She recently did some sort of magic on her blog that makes it hard for me to search for the article)

The article made me understand certain things when it comes to setting priorities which I am going to share with you guys.

The 10-Year Formula

The first thing is to write down all those opportunities on a piece of paper (very important). Then you'd look at each opportunity and ask yourself if you see yourself doing that thing in the next ten years. Close your eyes and try to imagine yourself doing it in the next ten years.

You should be able to filter out a few opportunities using this formula

Will You Marry Me?

Don't worry, I'm not proposing to you (maybe I am lol). I have used the "Will you marry me?" Formula a lot of times and it has worked.

Before you  get married to someone (or even propose), it means you trust the person and you believe in the person. He/she understands your dreams and vision.

That's the same question you must ask those opportunities. Do they mirror your goals and dreams? Will they bring you closer or draw you apart from the person you intend becoming in life? Will they connect you with the right people?

Do It Now!

After filtering out the most important stuff, Do them first. Let them be the first thing you do every morning. Take them seriously, show them love and start working on them. Write that book now, Set up that meet with your clients now, Talk to that investor now. Just do it now!

There is no point going through the stress of filtering out the most important stuff when you are not going to do it 

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