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SPOTLIGHT ON SUSAN PAYTON - *Author* Entrepreneur*Online Marketing Guru*CEO/President Egg Marketing & Communications*

Today on this blog we would be doing something different as we always do once every month where we take a look at the life of a successful entrepreneur. This month on discovering the secrets of the successful, we would be looking at a very important person in the marketing industry.
She is the reason why many businesses are still on their feet today and she is no other person than SUSAN PAYTON. Yes! Susan Payton *cheers* they call her the ‘San Diego’s finest’. I have read over 50 articles written by this lady.

She is not only beautiful but also a guru in marketing. She is an author, blogger and entrepreneur with extensive knowledge in social media, and public relations, qualified marketing and communications professional with experience in wide range of industries. She is a clear definition of success.

When one of my readers first told me about Susan Payton, I was like “who the heck is she?” I did not take her seriously until I stumbled on one of her 'breathe-taking’ articles early this year and since then I have been an avid reader of her articles.

Susan Payton speaks marketing fluently and she is the president of Egg Marketing; marketing and communications firm specializing in internet marketing, where she enjoys helping her clients realize the benefits of social media, internet marketing and communications. Her specialties are press releases, copywriting, email marketing, social media, social networking, blogs, web copy and marketing strategy

She has written several books and e-books. She also contributes to small business trends, mashable, lead 411 amongst others where she inspires entrepreneurs and small business owners.

If you need to take your business or start-up to the next level, or you want to reach a wider target market, Susan Payton is the right choice for you.

Fasten your seat belts and take a cup of coffee or ………….. Just sit back, relax and read on as she tells us how she made it this big, challenges she faced and how she overcame them. Enjoy!

! Discovering the secrets of the successful:
Who is Susan Payton?
At heart, I am a writer. I help small businesses find their voice through my company, Egg Marketing & Communications

What is Egg Marketing all about, what inspired it?
Six years ago, after working in marketing for several private firms, I realized there was a need for small businesses to have marketing, even if they couldn’t afford to hire a full time employee to handle it. We’ve evolved over the years, but currently focus on providing content—primarily on blogs—and social media management.

As the brain behind Egg Marketing, how do you balance both Egg Marketing and Susan Payton as a brand? Because I believe Susan Payton is a brand itself, how do you balance both?
I consider us one and the same. I am my business. When I blog as Susan, I’m representing my brand. I tweet as @eggmarketing and occasionally share personal things but I don’t separate the two.

Since Egg Marketing helps organizations build their businesses online, how is that different from what SEOs does?
We use SEO in everything we do: blog posts, web copy, press release, and social media. But you’ve got to be careful in hiring a SEO expert: if they say they can guarantee you position 1 for a given search, don’t believe them. You can’t guarantee placement short of paying for advertising.

What is the greatest challenge you have had to face over years (Egg Marketing & Susan Payton)
Letting go. Because people know me as a writer, they want to hire me. But I can only write so much! Hiring other writers to help out (and finding quality writers) has been difficult, but ultimately rewarding.

How did you recover from this challenge?
I realized I wanted more “me” time, and the only way to get that was to branch out and hire writers.

You are a great writer. When did you start writing, how did you start and what has been your source of inspiration?
I’ve been writing since I could hold a pencil. I initially thought I would end up in magazines, but my English degree wasn’t what magazines were looking for. When I got my MBA, I realized: marketing is writing. I’m inspired by small business owners who may not have the writing skills I have; I’m honored that I can help them.

In your article- ‘lesson from successful entrepreneurs’. You told your readers that they have to learn from those in the game (CEOs, founders and presidents that have successfully run their businesses). So can you tell us your role model(s)?
I’ve had many mentors. I like learning lessons from people in diverse industries to see what they have done and avoid their mistakes. Reading-wise, I admire David Meerman Scott, Tim Ferriss and John Jantsch.

When did you start your first business as an entrepreneur?
My first business was in college. I made gift baskets for people. I think I made a total of two before I decided it was far too much work for little income! I never considered myself an entrepreneur… until I fell into starting my marketing firm.

What do you consider to be the most outstanding achievement of your career?
Starting a business and keeping it running as long as I have. It’s a challenge for any small business owner to stay in business, especially with the volatile US economy. I’m proud of that every single day.

What is the most effective tool you have ever used in the world of entrepreneurship and marketing?
Communication. Whether that’s blogging or social media, it’s been instrumental in helping me find new clients and market my brand

How would you apply this technique in a real life situation?
Communication? I’d say thinking carefully before saying anything and being aware of the power of words.

What is your take on Start-ups that don’t last long? Inadequate planning or what?
It is on a case-by-case basis but planning is a huge part of the equation.

What is the most valuable advice you can offer an aspiring entrepreneur and writer?
Think that you can do it. When we put up barriers to what we can do, we limit ourselves.

Thank you for your time
Glad I could help.

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