Saturday, 18 July 2015

#DayEight #365DayGratitudeProject Our Basis Of Standard

Most of the time, our ideals of judgment have usually being based on the worldly criteria and standard. This has made us valueless in our thoughts and actions.

We have always wished to be like others and this has caused us to miss the opportunities to fulfill our purposes.

Every human being has a reason of existence and our purpose differ from each other. By comparing our lives with that of others, we are simply devaluing ourselves and depreciating God's given purpose for our lives, instead of appreciating it.

Making use of the worldly standard would only mar, depress, destroy and kill our God's given potentials.

The following are the some of the ways we based our standard on the world:

1.  Failure - that you failed yesterday, does not mean that you will fail tomorrow. Thus never use the performance of the past to judge your future.
2.  The use of other people's opinion.
3.  Success of your past achievement.
4.  Opposition - take cognizance of the fact  that no matter how glorious a person's potential is, there would surely be an opposition. If everyone agrees with your dream, it’s probably a nightmare.
5.  Discouragement - we shouldn’t let our circumstances weigh us down

The few things I mentioned above have destroyed the potentials of many.

I have come across so many things that has held me back from fulfilling my God’s given potential but thanks be to Jesus Christ who restored me back to the track. So many have missed their destiny as result of "enemies" of potential and destiny.

Few years back, while I was in junior secondary, I had this passion for writing and visual arts. Knowing fully well that this was my God’s giving potential, I was able to come up with a story book idea. I wrote the book and I was filled with joy, but there was no support to get this book of mine  published.

N.B: Not until you use your gift or talent to create an impact in the lives of others, you have/are not fulfilled/fulfilling your purpose in life. Your potential, gift and talent is not only meant for only you but also for others to benefit from.

Since I couldn’t get sponsors to help publish my story book, I became discouraged and my urge to write more story books was a dash.

But I still want to show gratitude to God for the knowledge I have and I believe everything is still on course.

Isaiah Sadiq

PS: The entry you just read was written by my blood brother (isn't he awesome?)

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