Monday, 13 July 2015

Hey Small Biz Owners, I've Got You Some News, ADS (Large Billboards,TV&Radio, Online) Won't Set You (And Your Biz) Up For Life

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Growing up as a young boy, there were not more than five channels on TV. TV Ads was expensive and the big thing then (they still are). All you have to do as a biz owner was to spend enough resources on Ads so you can reach your market.

If you are not spending money on Ads, your business can't blossom....TV Ads, Fancy billboard prints, Radio Ads, Centre spreads of Newspapers... Just waste some resources on Ads dammit!

And it seemed to work then because the channels are limited and it was very easy for TV to force these Ads on us. You'd be watching your favorite soap/program on TV and they'd interrupt you with Ads. We do not really have a choice if we really want to see that episode to the end.

The same thing happened with billboards, newspaper and radio ads.

So it went on and on and on like this until something crazy shook the planet.

*inserts earthquake sounds and effect*

*Sips coffee to calm myself down*

I-N-T-E-R-N-E-T happened guys! The internet came and challenged everything. But you see, many business owners still don't understand this alien (the internet) that crashed into earth. They think the internet is some sort of advanced TV *laughing hysterically*. They think since they can reach everywhere in the world with the internet, they now have the opportunity to 'interrupt' more people.

Guess what they started with, SPAMS. These guys invaded your inbox with their products all in the name of marketing.

"Just send this mail to all these people here and let's see who responds"

"Let's spend more money on online Ads"

"Let's Invest in TV Ads, I'm sure we would get enough leads from there"

Let me break the bad-good news to you


Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying Advertisement (Ads) is not good for your business- There are certain Ads that are effective and may get you customers for the product you are selling.

What I'm telling you is that Ads (no matter how effective) cannot set your business up for life.

**drums rolling**
**drums rolling faster**

Because, there has been a paradigm shift since the advent of the internet. We are now in the connection economy where the power is now in the hand of the market and not small biz owners- Yeah that's right!

We can now make choices. The era of "What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get" is gone! There are more than 1000+ channels available for views, there more than 100,000 blogs and online newspapers, there are more than 5,000 podcast channels to listen to. (Don't mind my numbers but really, we've got unlimited choices now)

Nothing can be forced on us anymore. It is just sad many small biz owners still don't see this; they are still of the mind set that they need to invest more on Ads.

Advertisement is marketing but marketing is not Advertisement.

So what works then?

Marketing is not all about advertisement. Advertisement is only good in creating awareness but it is completely useless now, if your story telling skills are bad.

Because there are a thousand choices (other than your brand) to pick from, you must be able to tell stories, stories that resonates with your target market.

It is your ability to tell great stories that sets your brand up for life and not advertisement.

The story your brand tells your target market reflects the core values of the brand and that extra feel your business offers. When your brand tells a great story, it resonates with people and it spreads and that my friend is what sets your business up for life.

Great stories makes an excellent marketing campaign. Just take a look at the big brands around: Facebook, Google, Coke, Apple, HP and the rest of them. They didn't get up there by expensive Ads (they might have spent money on Ads) but by great marketing campaigns- there is a story each and every one of them tells. There is a way they make you feel and you find it easy to share that feeling with your family and friends.

Take this free piece of advice (that you will never get in your MBA classes and seminars)

Don't you ever force people into liking your business. Create a business that is easy to LIKE

What story is your business telling people?

Sadiq Daniel is a  Serial Entrepreneur and Teens Coach that blogs on business, Self- development, Life lessons and Ideas that challenges the status quo... You can pursue him for a speaking engagements on Twitter: @sadiqspeaks LinkedIn: Sadiq Daniel and