Monday, 13 July 2015

#DayThree #365DaysGratitudeProject: Good Relationships

good relationships

The friends that we keep as humans influences the important decisions we make in life. Making the wrong decisions (especially important ones) are costly, most of which cannot be undone.

Having the wrong people around you leads to wrong decisions and accumulation of these decisions leads to a life full of regrets and bitterness.

I am lucky to have great guys around me. I can't start mentioning names here. I am grateful for the support they have always shown me even when I don't deserve it one bit.

I am grateful for the fact that they are always there to encourage me to go on and push harder whenever I am depressed and feel like giving up.

I am grateful for the love they have always shown me and their kindness.

I am also grateful that I met TG when I met her. She has been awesome so far and the mere thought of her gives me joy and she inspires me to do more.

All of you have been awesome and I'm positive we will shake this world positively together.

NOTE: If you want to be part of the #365DaysGratitudeProject send me something you are grateful for via email and I'd publish it here as soon as I get it. (Shouldn't be more than two paragraphs though)

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