Sunday, 12 July 2015

...I Repeat "Do The Hard Work First!

do the hard work first

Whenever you are starting out a project, it is always tempting to get overwhelmed with the sexy part of the project that you tend to focus on it before the "not-so-sexy-part".

Doing the 'sexy' work is fine but it should be kept for last. Because when you do the 'sexy' (easy) work first, the 'not-so-sexy" (hard) work gets harder and you may get so frustrated that you quit.

You need to identify the hard work before you embark on any project because they are relative for different projects.

Identifying the hard work in your business is important as it helps you focus your energy in the right direction.

For example if you are starting out a personal blog for instance, the design of the website, the logos, SEOs might look like the hard work but they are not. The hard work is the story you are trying to tell, who you are telling it to, how to reach them and how consistently you are going to tell it.

The 'sexy' work is always sexy, it is very easy and can be done by others. So focus on the hard work and make something happen.