Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Ideas Are Like Orgasms

When you feel that rush, that energy, that passion to do something, create something, act on it with immediate effect.

Stop what you are doing and act on it with immediate effect. Don't chill or say "nice, I work on this *insert idea* later", because that rush is in a rush and it doesn't lasts for long.

So yesterday as I was eating Jollof rice and shikin (by the way Jollof rice is like my best food), I had this crazy topic idea for the book I'm writing. What I'd do on a normal day when i get these ideas, is to grab my phone, launch open the memo pad and pour everything out or better still voice the idea out and record it for later.

But I didn't, probably because the food was too delicious. All I did was 'comment' on the idea "wow this is crazy, I'd work on this stuff later this evening".

So evening time came and I turned on my computer, clicked open MS Word ready to pour out that crazy idea. Guess what happened? Nothing! I stared at that screen for 4 hours and this was all I came up with:
All I came up with was "THE"

Ideas are like Orgasms- they don't last forever and you don't orgasm all the time (I stand to be corrected).

What I trying to say in essence is that when God speaks to you an idea pops up in your head, regardless of how the idea might sound or where you are, do something about it. If you can't, write it down at least.

Tip: Carry a small (pocket-sized) memo pad and a pen too wherever you go, because you don't know when the next crazy idea might surface.

PS: I'm currently on the toilet seat as I write this article because I don't want to flush down this article idea with *ahem* you-know-what.

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