Tuesday, 28 July 2015

You Will Be Knocked Down No Matter How Hard You Try #Fact

Read all you want.
Pray all you can.
Fast all you can.
Get all the advice in the world.
Meet the most important people in the world.
Study hard.
Keep sleepless nights.
Have sex with successful people.

Do all of these and much more, you will still get knocked down one way or the other in as much as you are creating work that matters.

I have not met/seen/read about a successful entrepreneur who didn't get knocked down in the ring at least once or twice.

If you read all you want and get the best advice and coaching available, you still will not learn the hard lessons that one has to learn to become best in class at what you do.

You'd have to learn some things (especially when it comes to entrepreneurship) the hard way- which involves getting knocked down before you can learn them well.

But getting knocked down once or twice in the ring is not as important as getting back up and winning the round. Because that is what we have to do to be better in life and in our business.

While I Was Gone #R.I.PHammed #365DaysGratitudeProject #DayTen

I wasn't able to publish any post on the gratitude project because I was down with fever. While I was gone, a lot of things happened.

But the one that pained me the most was a friend that passed on. I had just started following his articles online before he passed yet I resonate his style of writing. I didn't even follow him on twitter nor for once comment on his articles or send "Hi" to me but we were close.

From the things I saw him do, how he did them and the way people respect him, I knew he was creating work that matters.

His story was a touching one; he lived, He loved, and he was loved. Even when he had issues with his health, he still wanted to help people and he kept creating work that matters.

Hammed was a warrior. He kept fighting regardless of the shapes and sizes of each battle and challenges. I learnt a lot from Hammed's story.

I learnt that our life is not ours. Life is a gift (whether we believe it or not) and the best way to live life is to show gratitude and respect each moment.

We should take each second seriously. We shouldn't waste time doing something that won't create any value in our lives.

We can show gratitude for our lives by appreciating our loved ones, showing them more love and being there when they need us the most.

We can show gratitude for our lives by living a healthy life. By avoiding toxic substances that are harmful to our health.

We can show gratitude for our lives by taking time out from work to rest

We can show gratitude for our lives by having fun, giving ourselves a treat, going on holidays.

This life is a gift with an expiry date, let's make the most out of it.

RIP Hammed Abioye A.K.A Ceaser a real #OG.

Sunday, 19 July 2015

#DayNine #365DaysGratitudeProject The Last 5 Years

The Last 5 Years for me have been the most... What's the word?...AWEsome? okay, lemme use 'AWEsome'. Awesome things have happened to me these years.

But not just AWEsome things, Crazy, Stupid, Sad AND Happy things have happened too.

5 years ago, I got admitted into one Nigerian University like that to study Medicine and Surgery.

I went in as what I wanna call a 'dummy', I knew nothing of this NEW WORLD, except for the fact that it was a New World and I needed to Adapt...fast!

I am the only son, first son and first child of my parents and adding to the fact that i knew no one that I could attach to for Survival. It was therefore up to me to adapt quickly to the new system.

THE LAST 5 YEARs, I have gained so many things that i am grateful for and i have learnt so many things that i ought to be GRATEFUL for.

I have learnt in the Last 5 Years:

That Life is short, and that Life is a shot.

That no one is responsible for YOU - but YOU.

That GOD will provide for you, He does. but you must try to provide for yourself until He does.

That people are looking up to you..and looking at you.

To take NO One for granted.

To take NO course for granted.

To give people hugs and handshakes (except in cases of Ebola).

To balance studies and fun.

To talk to girls and relate with boys.

To be controversial. If you're not, you are not being yourself.

To spend a little extra time with family and friends, because believe it or not, you will miss them.

That when things are going well for you, Everyone will be your friend. But when things ain't going so well, only then are you gonna know your true friends.

That a blessed soaked garri is better than a cursed fried rice and chicken.

That sometimes in life, you just have to risk being Vulnerable.

That if everyone is thinking alike, no one is thinking well enough.

That not everybody likes you, treasure those who do.

To never act like you know it all, even when you know that you know it all.

That everyone you meet knows something you don't.

To WRITE like it is your last, and READ like it is your first.

PS: This entry was submitted by an avid reader of this blog and a creatively crazy friend. You may check out his blog here you may also pursue him twitter

PPS: #365DaysGratitudeProject is a daily challenge (that I started July 11th) to show gratitude for something different for 365Days (Ends July 10th 2016). To be a part of this project, send me an email (sadiqdaniel@gmail.com) containing what you are grateful for and I'd be kind to share it with others

Saturday, 18 July 2015

#DayEight #365DayGratitudeProject Our Basis Of Standard

Most of the time, our ideals of judgment have usually being based on the worldly criteria and standard. This has made us valueless in our thoughts and actions.

We have always wished to be like others and this has caused us to miss the opportunities to fulfill our purposes.

Every human being has a reason of existence and our purpose differ from each other. By comparing our lives with that of others, we are simply devaluing ourselves and depreciating God's given purpose for our lives, instead of appreciating it.

Making use of the worldly standard would only mar, depress, destroy and kill our God's given potentials.

The following are the some of the ways we based our standard on the world:

1.  Failure - that you failed yesterday, does not mean that you will fail tomorrow. Thus never use the performance of the past to judge your future.
2.  The use of other people's opinion.
3.  Success of your past achievement.
4.  Opposition - take cognizance of the fact  that no matter how glorious a person's potential is, there would surely be an opposition. If everyone agrees with your dream, it’s probably a nightmare.
5.  Discouragement - we shouldn’t let our circumstances weigh us down

The few things I mentioned above have destroyed the potentials of many.

I have come across so many things that has held me back from fulfilling my God’s given potential but thanks be to Jesus Christ who restored me back to the track. So many have missed their destiny as result of "enemies" of potential and destiny.

Few years back, while I was in junior secondary, I had this passion for writing and visual arts. Knowing fully well that this was my God’s giving potential, I was able to come up with a story book idea. I wrote the book and I was filled with joy, but there was no support to get this book of mine  published.

N.B: Not until you use your gift or talent to create an impact in the lives of others, you have/are not fulfilled/fulfilling your purpose in life. Your potential, gift and talent is not only meant for only you but also for others to benefit from.

Since I couldn’t get sponsors to help publish my story book, I became discouraged and my urge to write more story books was a dash.

But I still want to show gratitude to God for the knowledge I have and I believe everything is still on course.

Isaiah Sadiq

PS: The entry you just read was written by my blood brother (isn't he awesome?)

PPS: #365
DaysGratitudeProject is a daily challenge (that I started July 11th) to show gratitude for something different for 365Days (Ends July 10th 2016). To be a part of this project, send me an email (sadiqdaniel@gmail.com) containing what you are grateful for and I'd be kind to share it with others

Friday, 17 July 2015

#DaySeven #365DayGratitudeProject Joyful Ride With Christ

Life for me has been a joyful ride so far, since I found my identity in Christ. A lot of unanswered questions have been answered. I am in that place now where I am satisfied with my self. Knowing what God has planned for me which are certainly not evil but good. This humble knowledge of purpose and vision has given me a new sense of direction and a new kind of peace which emits not just happiness but peace and wisdom. The holy spirit has become an experience that sheds so much light to my self discovery and recovery. The healing of my heart from scars that I never thought could be healed. The liberation of my soul from habits and addictions that could have led me to an early grave. Now I'm alive in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. For all these, I'm grateful to God for his grace and loving kindness.

Jean A.P Abbey.
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PS: #365DaysGratitudeProject is a daily challenge (that I started July 11th) to show gratitude for something different for 365Days (Ends July 10th 2016). To be a part of this project, send me an email (sadiqdaniel@gmail.com) containing what you are grateful for and I'd be kind to share it with others.

Thursday, 16 July 2015

FRUIT OF AFRICA: The Article By "Uncle K" That Made Me Think

So last month I stumbled on a blog and I didn't leave the blog until I read all the articles in it (Yes I can be that awesome).

I love the way he arranged his thoughts and all the articles he wrote resonates with me. But of all the articles I read, this one below made more magic in my soul. It is deep and worth your time.


Can I take a minute to visit the minds of the kings and queens that,
Mr Luther King dreamed for?
A few minutes to speak to the future that Mrs Rosa Parks held that front seat for?
The same folk the Mr Malcolm X hoped he could use his fists to fight free for?
They fought for us,
And thought for us to be respected as a body of one people,
We needed composure in the free fall, to unite as a body of equals.
Because we were cast as slaves, struck with the same stone.
We were all niggers by the same right,
So why do we behave like we ain't from the same home?
Ready to kill a young man because his post doesn't go to the same code,
Performing our own apartheid because our skins don't resemble the same tones.

We are ebony kings and queens, born from great thrones.

But we forget that we are royals,
That we have the riches of a kingdom in our veins.
Crafted from the soils of a great land, we have the ancestry of sovereigns in our DNA.
We are the sons and daughters of empires, but our minds have been tainted.
Where Parks, King and X fought for fruition in the black community,
We've achieved mass division because we lack unity.
We don't hear the lash and cracks of the whip, we didn't see that era in history,
But we are still divided and conquered in our mindsets,
Because we still have silly debates such as dark chicks versus light chicks.
Like we are still blinded by the eyes of colonialism,
And I'm a culprit but we still fuck around with these negative colloquialisms...
Are you listening... my niggers / niggas?
Don't get it twisted, I ain't saying follow my virtues,
but before we can overcome collective grief, we need to overcome individual hurdles.

We are the fruit of Africa.
Produce of the Horn.
Children of the tribes, stars plotted across the vast dark skies.
We don't realise how much talent we harbour,

The magnificent gifts and traits from our forefathers.

Check out Uncle K's blog here and pursue him on twitter 

#DaySix #365DayGratitudeProject: Deconstructing Time

Is the 24hours a day enough to create work that matters or do we need more?

These past few days, I have been having problems with time management- I don't seem to have enough time to accomplish the tasks on my daily to-do list. But when I woke up today, I saw time with another lens.

I realize that time cannot really managed because no time is really enough. You can only manage yourself in respect to time. And you can only do that by appreciating time.

Appreciate time by doing the hard work first, Appreciate time by resting when you need to rest, Appreciate time by investing in work that is really important. Appreciate time by showing up on time.

I want to show gratitude because time exists (whether it is enough or not). Without time, I won't be able to set goals. Without time, my life will not have any structure whatsoever. Without time, I won't be able to differentiate the people that matters in my life from those that doesn't.

Let's see time with another lens today. With a positive and happy lens.

PS: #365DaysGratitudeProject is a daily challenge (that I started July 11th) to show gratitude for something different for 365Days (Ends July 10th 2016). To be a part of this project, send me an email (sadiqdaniel@gmail.com) containing what you are grateful for and I'd be kind to share it with others

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

What do you think about this idea?

ideas that works
... Is a tricky question because it puts the person you are asking on the spot.

It is also a wrong question to ask.

It is a wrong question to ask because when you have this "big-crazy" idea, you are the only one that sees a future in  that idea (until you implement it).

And because people (especially our loved ones) don't understand or see what we see, no matter how hard we explain, they'd come up with reasons as to why the idea won't work.

It is safer for them to tell you it can't work because you won't have to blame them if it doesn't work out eventually. And if you heed their advice, you won't know if it will work or not... So it is a WIN-WIN for them regardless of the outcome.

So instead of asking a group of people if an idea of a car that runs on sand will work, ask them how they'd feel if is a car that runs on sand is available for sale... Ask them if they'd buy the car if you create it.

Asking the wrong questions such as "What do you think about this idea?" "Will this idea work?" Can kill dreams.

Sadiq Daniel is a  Serial Entrepreneur and Teens Coach that blogs on business, Self- development, Life lessons and Ideas that challenges the status quo... You can pursue him for a speaking engagements on Twitter: @sadiqspeaks LinkedIn: Sadiq Daniel and Email:Sadiqdaniel@gmail.com

#DayFive #365DaysGratitudeProject: Did You Know That Over 700m People In The World Don't Have Access To Clean Water? #CharityWater

365days gratitude project

It is just funny when we seek some sort of confirmation from above or a 'miracle' when everything around us, even the breath we breathe is more than enough miracle... If only we can see these little things as gifts (that we do not deserve) and appreciate.

One of those little things I want to show gratitude for this morning is Clean water. Water is life. Water is essential in the life of every human. And not just any kind of water, clean water.

I want to show gratitude to God for the gift of clean water. I want to show God gratitude for making it the least of my worries.

I also think you should do the same if you have access to clean water. Another thing I think you should do (like I did last night) is to donate to Charity:Water.

Water is essential to life, yet over 748 million people in the world still struggle to find it. Make a positive difference in the world by supporting Charity:Water - a non profit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations.

You don't need thousands of dollars to make a difference or join in this project. You can volunteer or even raise fund-raisers if you don't have a dollar (less than #300) to donate.

Let us show gratitude for access to clean water and change lives as we do so.

PS: #365DaysGratitudeProject is a daily challenge (that I started July 11th) to show gratitude for something different for 365Days (Ends July 10th 2016). To be a part of this project, send me an email (sadiqdaniel@gmail.com) containing what you are grateful for and I'd be kind to share it with others.

What Is Your Free Prize?

What makes you stand out?

What makes you different from every other person?

Going to school, getting a degree only puts you in the average class even when you graduate with a first class... It is not enough for you to do great stuffs.

The free prize is that touch of creativity that makes you unique and stand out in a crowded market.

Identify your free prize and be generous with it (unleash it) because it is the only thing that takes you from where you are to where you are meant to be.

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