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That Vanguard's Article That Kills Faster Than #BokoHaram

So I stumbled on an article on Facebook yesterday and I was taken aback by the content of the article.

With the advent of technology, it is now very easy to spread news and share ideas without stress... Every Dick and Harry has a blog and they spread news with no restrictions.

But amidst "all of that" I think the standard of genuine journalism should be on a pedestal. I never expected such an article from Vanguard- a respected media house in Nigeria. What was their editor thinking? Perhaps he/she was busy eating fufu while they published the article.

The title of the article is When Will The Igbo Presidency Be? The title of the article alone, let off reading it, triggers and instigates terrible ideas that can bring about war and separation. This kind of article is not meant to be published. Was the Editor naive or did he/she publish this article on purpose?....Articles like this shows the alarming increase in the level of mediocrity in Nigeria journalism.

Below are excerpts from the article;
"Igbo nation needs to re-invent itself, it needs holistic reorientation and strategic repositioning. The Igbo people need political pragmatism to enable them take their authentic political position after the tenure of Ebele Jonathan or Buhari, which is the producing of the Executive President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria."
"Specifically,   it is their turn to produce the next President of Nigeria. It was a great disservice to the Igbo course and it is tantamount to cowardice and judgmental fallacy for Igbo leaders to have called and supported the then Third Term Agenda and political escapades of the then President Obasanjo. Indeed, the Pan-Igbo socio-cultural and political organization the Ohaneze Ndigbo, their Governors, Legislators and Igbo leaders were consummately indictable."
"The Igbo people will continue to stew in the political slavery in Nigeria because they cannot take the bull by the horn and drive it out of their political china shop. What a shame! They should however, note that, if they fail to produce the next President after Ebele Jonathan or Buhari, they will continue to dwell in the epicenter of political limbo in Nigeria."
And considering the fact that we are so gullible in Nigeria, war of words had already started in the comment section long before I finished reading the article.

This is saddening because it is the insane articles like this one that divides and kill the nation, not Ebola nor the #BokoHaram bombs. We need to watch our utterances, think before you say anything or write anything on social media because words are very powerful and they can go a long way in making or breaking people around us.

I believe we can make things work if we connect with each other and put aside our cultural differences.

PS: You may check out the full article here: When Will The Igbo Presidency Be?

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The Truth About The Elections And Post Elections As Shown To Me By The Angels.

Disclaimer: This article can make the blind speak and the deaf see. It is structured around sarcasm but it contains one of the truest words you've heard in a long time. Do not read if you don't believe in Visions because I saw a vision just like the ones your pastor tells you he saw. If you don't believe you may check out my last experience with the Angels and how it turned out.

*coughs* I am terribly sorry the disclaimer of this article was that long - I had to cough out all the details so no one will sue me. Enjoy the bitter truth.

As I lay on my bed struggling with writers' block, my spirit went up to the heavens. My heart skipped a beat - I thought I was dead and on my way to hell because I told a lie the day before (my pastor told me liars can never make it to heaven). But it wasn't that time yet, the angels just wanted to show me a glimpse of the future - the bitter truth about the elections and post elections.

Angel Michael Chinedu said CHANGE will not happen this forth-coming elections neither will it happen after it and these were the reasons he gave;

Many Nigerians Are Trading Their Voting RIGHTS for RICE: The way Nigerians, especially youths are trading their voting rights for material things is alarming. The way we kill ourselves over Kegs of Groundnut oil, Bags of Rice and other material things during campaigns irks me the most. It has gotten so bad that these politicians don't say anything about what they have to offer to the masses, because they believe we don't give a fuck fufu about their long term plans and all we care about is our own cut of the national cake.

We Pray Too Hard For Change: I was lucky to be in church last Sunday and we prayed for change, good thing though, but prayer won't bring about change. We are addicted to praying without action. The same people that pray in churches and mosques are the same ones that are supplying arms and ammunition to thugs. Even these Politicians now leverage churches and our addiction to prayers for their campaigns. Praying and Screaming change is like a man attempting murder while praying to God for forgiveness.... God is not a Joker.

The truth is that CHANGE is not all about screaming or praying for it. Change starts within us. If we don't change the way we act and react to certain issues, nothing will really change.
We need to come out en-mass to vote for who we think matters. Don't  let material things influence your decisions. Don't sit at home watching TV while thugs decide the destiny of this nation.....Make things Happen.

PS: The Angels also showed me who won the elections... if you want to know, kindly shoot me an email containing #1000 Etisalat airtime.

Sadiq Daniel is a certified Crazy Writer and Teens Coach that blogs on business, Self- development, Life lessons and Ideas that challenges the status quo... You can pursue him for speaking engagements or send him money on Twitter: @sadiqspeaks LinkedIn: Sadiq Daniel and

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Defending vs Challenging The Status-Quo

The singular reason why I started this blog is to share ideas that challenges the status quo- the status quo in life, business and everything in between. Because I think that is what almost everyone should be doing instead of seating back, defending it.

Fear is killing us
There are so many things out of place and abnormal things now look so normal that if you challenge the status quo, people will tag you as crazy... So the fear of people calling us crazy, the fear of what our close friends will say about us, the fear of being proven wrong amongst others has stopped us from challenging the bullshit and standing up for what we believe in.

So we give in to what scares us, to what threatens us, to what disappoints us, instead of looking them in the eyes.
We need to stop shutting our eyes to things we feel don't go well with us... Stop adapting to bullshit... Stop surviving life...

Take the wheels of your life and drive wherever you want. The world is big enough to house your beliefs and dreams... Stop defending the status quo.... Challenge it!

Sadiq Daniel is a certified Crazy Writer and Teens Coach that blogs on business, Self- development, Life lessons and Ideas that challenges the status quo... You can pursue him on Twitter: @sadiqspeaks LinkedIn: Sadiq Daniel and

STRESS: Every Entrepreneur's Worst Nightmare

One thing I've come to learn over time (thanks to Seth Godin) about entrepreneurship is that it is not sexy... Not sexy in the sense that it involves creating something that matters - which means challenging the status-quo consistently, building a great team to make things happen and being able to tell great stories that resonates with your target market.

If you are not ready for "all-of-that", I would advise that you stick to your 9-5 job or whatever it is you are doing right now.

The dream of every startuper is to get his idea out to those that matters as fast as he can. And most times, they start up the business by themselves - draft out business plans and business models... pitch their ideas to VCs and Angels (that will probably reject their ideas)... Seek to build a great team that will buy into the vision and mission of the company and nurture the idea till it bears fruit....

All of these involves series of hard work, meetings and most times sleepless nights. You find out that you no longer have even the slightest bit of control over your schedule - you don't have the time to hang out with your friends at the pub like you used too or spend quality time with your family. All you think and eat at that moment is getting your start up to stand up on its feet and nothing else.
Then one day you try to get up from bed but you just can't, your head starts to bang as if there were some sort of chemical reaction happening in there... Your heart beats faster than Hussein Bolt and your body temperature rises simultaneously... Then you begin to wonder if that old witch in your mother's village has finally gotten you after all these years of trying you are dying...

But somehow you get to the hospital only for the doctor to tell you that you do not have Cancer or HIV or Ebola or Malaria... That all you are experiencing are symptoms of STRESS and you need to rest more...

As much as we need to devote most of our time to our businesses as startupers or entrepreneurs, we also need to rest. When you sleep, your brain resets and you wake up energized, consequently increasing your productivity.

Sit down and figure out where to draw the line when it comes to work versus rest. Because every entrepreneurs worst nightmare is Stress and it is crashes everything.
But the good news is that you can manage it effectively by not cheating sleep.

Sadiq Daniel is a certified Crazy Writer and Teens Coach that blogs on business, Self- development, Life lessons and Ideas that challenges the status quo... You can pursue him on Twitter: @sadiqspeaks LinkedIn: Sadiq Daniel and

Saturday, 7 March 2015

How To Get Better At Writing

Do you want be a great writer but do not how?... Have you been writing but now struggling with "writers block"? Or are you frustrated because your blog doesn't seem to reach your target audience the way you expected?...
 I don't have "all" the answers to your questions but I have got some answers that will take you from where you are as a writer to where you want to be.
So sit back (this article won't take you more than 5 minutes), grab yourself a bottle of soda while you digest this article.

WRITING IS NOT A TALENT. IT IS A SKILL: A talent is something that you do naturally without even thinking about it. It is a gift you are born with. But a skill on the other hand is something that you acquire after putting in a lot of hard work and practice into it.
No one was born a "great" writer. Every good writer you know out there from Maya Angelou, Dale Carnegie to Seth Godin, Tom ferris, Wole shoyinka, Chinua Achebe and many others spent a lot of time practicing the art of writing- they were at some point very bad at writing... So if they could get better at writing, you also can.

READ A LOT: If you want to get better at writing, you need to read a lot. Read different kind of books- Fictions and non-fictions. Read journals, publications, newspapers and articles. Thanks to the technological advancements, there are unlimited resources for you to digest. Do not limit your reading to your field of expertise, cut across all genres. From business journals to Rocket science. Keep reading- it broadens your horizon. Reading boost your vocabulary and your writing structure. You also get to learn how to write from different perspectives.

GET A BLOG AND START BLOGGING: Blogs serves as a platform to practice as a writer. It is infact the best platform to develop your writing skills. Creating a blog is easy and you don't really need any capital to start one(You may shoot be an email if you need help starting one).
What do I write on this blog?
Don't worry about a niche or a genre yet, just write anything. When I started blogging I spent so much time worrying about what niche to write on that I ended up not writing for months.
Just write what comes to your head, the ideas you got from a book you just read, your opinion about something everyone is talking about.... Don't worry about the niche yet, just write random stuffs. The goal is practice and keep practicing till you get better.

DON'T BE AFRAID TO MAKE MISTAKES: You should not be too cautious of yourself when writing or else you won't be able to put your creativity into writing. When you write, see writing as fun and not a job. Feel free to make mistakes, learn from them and even make better ones. When you write, people will react - positively or negatively. Don't let negative comments from those that may read your articles weigh you down.

GUEST BLOG A LOT: Guest blogging involves writing on other people's blog. Guest blogging will help you reach more people and help you get better as a writer. All you have to do is connect with a blogger and request to share an article on their blog. So many people will reject you though (you have to get used to that fact) but there are a few (like my blog) that will grant your request and even help you with tools that will make writing sexier for you. And may also check out this post about some guest blogging networks you can follow. You should also offer to write for free on your local community, school or church bulletin too.

WRITE ALMOST EVERYDAY: This is the most important advice for any writer. "If you want to get better, get married to writing and write every day"- Sadiq Daniel. There is no truer word said than that. You need to write almost everyday. The key to getting better at writing is consistency.
 Live it, Eat it, Drink it and even have sex with it.... Do this and I swear, the sky will be your starting point.

MAKE NOISE ABOUT YOUR CONTENT: Get the word out there that you write. Share your articles on various social media networks. Tell your pastor, friends, wife, husband, and even your kids to check out your articles. Don't stop making noise about your content. Try to chip it in when you are connecting with new people at events or public places. Always make noise about your content. And please *on my kneels begging* do not spam people. There are so many people are doing it but it is a very bad way to market yourself.

Be sociable, hit the share button below to share this article with your friends.

Do you have ideas or thoughts on how to be better at writing? Kindly share them in the comments section below.

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#FaraSpeaks: Physique vs Insique

That "beach body" I may never have
Most ladies do worry so (hyper very) much about their shape (and of course looks).... The "Figure 8" gotta be on point... The eye lashes must be inch equal and shaped...The curves, the edges and every other things in-between *winks* just to stay in shape and remain attractive. 

This however, isn't a wrong mindset because their male counterparts are just as crazy about these things, as they are. It is not uncommon to see guys 'doing the lifting, push ups, sit ups road jogs, skipping and sorts of exercises just to stay in shape and be 'attractive'.

I will confess that I am a little bit jealous about the fact that I don't have the 6 packs. And I have made series of attempts- worked out, even prayed and fasted but it appears I am not destined to have a perfect beach body. 
I have even tried all sorts of diets all to no no avail... All I do get is anything but extra skin or muscles (Yuck! do not pity me though).

So lets go back to what I was discussing before I took the left turn.>>>Many people are good with their 'physique' but know nothing about their 'insique' ( Insique has not been invented yet. but for the sake of this article, it means -inner looks). Insique is a magical word I coined to define the looks of your mind. 

If you take care of your physique, you will look healthy, sharp and attractive like athletes and models. But if you don't, you will go to hell  lose it. 

The same thing happens to your 'insique'. In fact you need to pay close attention to your insique. 

If you don't exercise your mind, feed it with the right ideas and thoughts, counsels and discussions like food and drinks at the right time and in the perfect environment, you may grow 'in- sick'

Keep an eye on your physique but always WATCH your 'insique'

This Article was written by Mr Faradara. Faradara is an award winning OAP, Speaker and Writer dedicated to impacting young minds. You may chase him on twitter  @mrfaradara or have sex with him on Facebook   

Photo Credit: IronManMag                                                                                                                                                         
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How To Dance Like A Nigerian Lecturer

Lecturing in Nigerian universities is pretty easy(once you've gotten the job though), you just have to follow the following rules I listed below (in no particular order). And you must take these rules seriously if you want to succeed as a Lecturer/Professor in the university

#1 Speak Gibberish Always: You are the Professor - you went to MIT, Stanford, Chelsea FC, University of Ife... And they are just students. Where have they been anyways? What do they know?...
Do not speak in plain English that they will ever understand because if you do, they won't see you as a special person.
When the "over sabi" (the inquisitive) students tries to ask you a question, Scream out loud (this is very important) and say something like "How the hell did you get into this university? You must be a fraud".... (it works all the time)

#2. Frown Always: Whenever you are in class "teaching" do not ever  make any attempt to simper. You must look like the devil because if you don't, your students will not take you seriously. You need to put up a frown always, so they will be scared to death that they would just nod at everything you say and not ask you any question you didn't prepare for.

#3. Fail Students At Will: If more than half of the class passes your course, then you are not a great teacher. You must set your "standards" very high that even God might not scale through.... For example: if a student doesn't solve it the way you did in class, fail him/her. Is he trying to be smarter than you are or what?

You have bragging rights when you fail enough students. It sounds cool to tell your fellow professors that "ha over 50 students registered for my course and only 5 passed". You never can tell you might be nominated for the position of the Vice-Chancellor if you fail more students.

Forget the sarcasm in this article, these happens in our schools especially in our universities. I experienced "all of that" and many went through worse- we all different crazy stories to tell.

Although there are few (less than 2%) lecturers that are actually teaching the way they are meant to,But they are completely overshadowed by the bad ones. And it is a pity that the  system only recognizes the bad ones and encourages them ahead of those that are really teaching.

What do you think is the way out? I love to hear your crazy experiences here too.

Sadiq Daniel is a certified Crazy Writer and Teens Coach that blogs on business, Self- development, Life lessons and Ideas that challenges the status quo... You can pursue him on Twitter: @sadiqspeaks LinkedIn: Sadiq Daniel and Email:

What Is Killing Our Creativity?

So I got series of attacks on my personality from some people that read my controversial post (you may check it out here if you have not read it).

But this article is not about "all of that". It is not controversial in any way and it is about something important and serious to humanity and it is something that has been bothering me for couple of years now....

When God created man, he did in his image. And when you take a look at nature and the beautiful things it is made of, you will clearly see (if you don't know already) that the creator is creative and it is only logical to say man has the potential to be creative too.

But what is really happening to us? Why do we find it hard to tap into and harness this creativity? Creativity (in my definition) is the act of making something happen, out of nothing. The act of turning crazy ideas into reality.... What is killing this creativity?

Did We Outgrow Creativity?

We were all born creative. In fact many of us were given pencils and crayons when we were young and we drew and colored our world with them. We were not afraid of what people thought about what we drew. We didn't care whether or not it was "rubbish" to them... We drew anyways.

But as we grew, things started changing. We became more scared of what people will say or think about what we do. We became scared that we end up not doing anything.... Or

Did Our Parents Have Anything to do with it?

I happened to crash into this part of the world when toys were considered luxury for kids and it was only "rich" people that bought toys for their kids. Unfortunately, my parents didn't happen to fall into that category. But interesting, I didn't regret any of that, because as little as I was then, I improvised. I remember creating motor cars with sticks and crowns of soda bottles. I also did some amazing stuffs too that I've forgotten.
But I remember my mother beating the hell out of me almost everyday because I was always covered in mud. I think she beat creativity out of me too because in a bid to escape the wrath of my mother,  I (as little as I was then) became very conscious of myself. I had stopped playing in the mud with my "motor cars" -and it stopped being fun for me because I was no longer free to play the way I wanted. It even got worse to the point where my friends left me.... For some of us, it didn't end at that, our parents even forced certain career paths on some of us. And I think many of us can relate to these experiences... Or

Is it School?

In school we were/are being taught to cram, do things in certain ways  if we want to get good grades. And if you get an answer wrong, you are punished severely. We become scared to ask the teacher questions because we don't want to be laughed at just the way the teacher laughed at Jide last week when he asked why 1+1=2.
The system is too bad that we are just taught what to do without telling us why we need to do them... Too bad that it doesn't give room for mistakes... Or

Is it our addiction to respect or religion, is it the devil or the angels, is it the technological advancement...

There are so many things killing our creativity and it is good to take these things into consideration, but the most important thing is to reconnect ourselves back to this creativity that has been deposited in us right from the onset.

Think like an Adult, Act like a kid... Let people tag you crazy -all ideas were crazy at some point....

Make mistakes. Learn from them. Make better mistakes.

Don't be scared of what people will say about your ideas. Just do them any way.

Sadiq Daniel is a certified Crazy Writer and Teens Coach that blogs on business, Self- development, Life lessons and Ideas that challenges the status quo... You can pursue him on Twitter: @sadiqspeaks LinkedIn: Sadiq Daniel and Email:

Friday, 20 February 2015

Why You Need To Join The #Anti Bullshit Religion

Our interpretation of religion is bullshit and the fact that we are so much addicted to this interpretation is killing us.

A couple of months ago I was asked by a friend if I was religious or spiritual and which one works better and what my beliefs are? My answers came as a shock to him because I don't think he has heard anything like it and they were controversial. So I decided to draft out a thesis on how we are getting it all wrong when it comes religion and why it is bullshit.

But before I continue, I like you to know that I am a christian and I attend church services when I have the "time" to. And I am not religious, I consider myself spiritual and the only thing I believe in is faith.

Now to the article, I'd like to make it clear that faith and religion are completely different (there is a significant difference between faith and religion).

Religion was invented by people to get other people to do what they want. And it is only a useful tool when it provides a construct that re-in forces our need for hope and faith.

And faith is something fundamentally different, I don't know any words that goes with faith, or practices that goes with faith. Faith doesn't give a fuck about religion.

Faith is something deep within our genetic codes that brings with it hope. And it is faith, the practice of believing and connecting and being open and that is what I think of when I think of spirituality.

When I think spirituality, I don't think 90 days fasting and prayers, I don't think night vigils, I don't think traveling to Mecca to become an Alhaji... I don't think any of those stuffs, because they aren't spiritual (don't bite me), they're plainly religious.... Not saying they don't make sense though.

I don't really give a fuck about what your beliefs are or who you think is God or who isn't. And I also don't care that you are in a group with people of similar beliefs- religion.

But what doesn't make sense and irks me most is when you and your group treat others (people not in your group) differently.

You refuse to connect with them and you even go extra lengths by killing them because their are not willing to join your group (after forcing your beliefs on them). Or because they are in another group that doesn't mirror your own beliefs.... That's BULLSHIT!

That is a wrong interpretation of religion. And if this is how religions are meant to be, then religion is bullshit. I'd rather not be in any religion or better still create my own religion, the Anti-Bullshit religion.

I would rather create a religion where  I'm living spiritually whenever I'm doing my work. And when I do my work better which involves dancing with fear and mostly when I do it more generously, I feel like the person I hope to be.

An Anti-Bullshit religion where no one say words like "you are doing this religiously wrong". Or "you are not like us, therefore we do not like you". Or "we would not give you dignity or respect"... Because words like these  are hurtful and dangerous and some of the worst thing people do to one another.

An Anti-Bullshit Religion where we live mindfully, and find space for ourselves to connect with other people.... Now that is what spirituality means and I think that is how we are meant to live.

Break the status-quo, respect the other people's beliefs even if they are shitty, connect with them and create something that matters.

Sadiq Daniel
Spokesman for the #AntiBullshitReligion

Sadiq Daniel is a certified Crazy Writer and Teens Coach that blogs on business, Self- development, Life lessons and Ideas that challenges the status quo... You can pursue him on Twitter: @sadiqspeaks LinkedIn: Sadiq Daniel and Email:

What Story Is Your Idea Telling People?

We are past that stage where you can come up with a "shitty" idea and spice it up with ads and force it on people. People/ the market is becoming more wise everyday because of the unlimited opportunities flying around.

One of the challenges I came accross in my first start up was getting people to buy into the idea. It was very difficult because the idea was rigid and doesn't have a great story it tells people. So the biz crashed before a year after all.

Don't just assume your idea is great and that all you have to do is market it to people. Marketing doesn't work that way anymore. That kind of marketing is dead (and may its soul rest in peace). The real marketing starts with the idea itself. Ask your self the following questions before you start designing a business model or marketing campaign for your idea:

* Is This Idea Worth Sharing
* What Story Is This Idea Telling That Will Resonates With My Target Market (People that really Matters)-

If your the answer to the first question is NO, that idea is not worth spending a dollar on, Move on.

But if the idea is worth sharing, you need to now invest more time figuring how to create a platform where it can be spread easily- by creating a story that your market (doesn't have to be everybody) can relate to and are willing to tell their friends and enemies.

It is when you have solved this that you can move on to the next level.

Take a look at these brands Google, Amazon, Apple, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Fiverr, Toyota. They didn't force themselves on us through ads. Instead they created and shared stories that we resonate with....

Your idea is shit if it doesn't tell a great story... Don't waste another second on that idea and move on.

PS: If you are a small biz owner or a startuper, you should see this article It is worth sharing too.

PPS: Share this article with at least 5 people (let us save the planet from shitty ideas).

Sadiq Daniel is a certified Crazy Writer and Teens Coach that blogs on business, Self- development, Life lessons and Ideas that challenges the status quo... You can pursue him on Twitter: @sadiqspeaks LinkedIn: Sadiq Daniel and Email: