Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Seth Speaks: I am 'anti-business', you might be too

I have been busy having sex   creating something that matters and It has not been so easy for me these past few days. I don't think I would  be as consistent as I was with this blog but I'd try my best to put up at least two articles every week pending the time I orgasm  free up my schedule.

But here is one quality article from Seth Godin that you should read- It's a little bit focused on business and entrepreneurship but it also resonates with our everyday live.....

I am 'anti-business', You might be too 
A hundred and fifty years ago, when people finally began organizing to eliminate child labor in American factories, they were called anti-business. There was no way, the owners complained, that they could make a living if they couldn’t employ ultra-cheap labor. In retrospect, I think businesses are glad that kids go to school--educated workers make better consumers (and citizens).
Fifty years ago, when people realized how much damage was being done by factories poisoning our rivers, those supporting the regulations to clean up the water supply were called anti-business. Companies argued that they’d never be able to efficiently produce while reducing their effluent. Today, I think most capitalists would agree that the benefits of having clean air and water more than make up for what it costs to create a place people want to live—the places that haven't cleaned up are rushing to catch up, because what destroys health also destroys productivity and markets. (And it's a good idea).
When the bars and restaurants went non-smoking in New York a decade ago, angry trade organizations predicted the death knell of their industry. It turns out the opposite happened.
The term anti-business actually seems to mean, “against short-term waste, harmful side effects and selfish shortcuts.” Direct marketers were aghast when people started speaking out against spam, but of course, in the long run, ethical direct marketers came out ahead. 
If anti-business means supporting a structure that builds a foundation where more people can flourish over time, then sign me up.
A more interesting conversation, given how thoroughly intertwined business and social issues are, is whether someone is short-term or long-term. Not all long-term ideas are good ones, not all of them work, but it makes no sense to confuse them with the label of anti-business.
Successful businesses tend to be in favor of the status quo (they are, after all, successful and change is a threat) perhaps with a few fewer regulations just for kicks. But almost no serious businessperson is suggesting that we roll back the 'anti-business' improvements to the status quo of 1890.
It often seems like standing up for dignity, humanity and respect for those without as much power is called anti-business. And yet it turns out that the long-term benefit for businesses is that they are able to operate in a more stable, civilized, sophisticated marketplace.
It’s pretty easy to go back to a completely self-regulated, selfishly focused, Ayn-Randian cut-throat short-term world. But I don’t think you’d want to live there.

You may check out seth's blog here

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Quote That Has Been Doing It For Me:
"If You Don't Like Where You Are... MOVE, You Are Not A TREE!" - Sadiq Daniel.

PS: Thanks to Victory, Chine, Maryln, Moka and Phil for your emails. And Veronica that actually CALLED me on my phone - That is the awesomest thing that has happened to me this month. You guys inspire me to keep creating work that matters.

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Friday, 10 April 2015

Someone Should Please Tell Our Girlfriends That The "Bottom-Power" No longer Works

Disclaimer: This article could make your girlfriend break up with you because she might realize you have nothing to offer her. So try your possible best not to let her read this article... Don't say I didn't warn you.

First and foremost I'm not an expert in relationships- I don't really have luck with women. I have prayed, fasted and I think I've gotten to that point where I'd fall asleep and God will show me the "one' in my dreams but he hasn't. I know I am not Michael De Angelo (the relationship guru) but I know the truth about relationships and since this blog is all about sharing ideas that challenges the status -quo in almost everything, I thought it will be nice to share something that challenges the status-quo in relationships.

I'd be discussing  the "bottom-power and why it no longer works.

What Is This "Bottom-Power"?
OK I don't really have an Oxford-dictionary type of definition for it but I'd try explain what it means; Bottom-Power is mostly exhibited by women-single/married. It is the power they exhibit to earn respect when their spouse is trying to have sexual intercourse with them. A typical example of a "bottom-power" is when a woman/lady ask her spouse for something important right before sexual intercourse. At this point she is in charge and most times the spouse doesn't have any choice than to succumb to their requests. The Bottom-Power is also that period when the spouse is ready to do anything they want just to make something happens in bed.

Oh I forgot to add that this article is rated 18+ So if you are below 18, kindly format all that you have read and close this article... Thank You.

Women have been using this "bottom-power" right from the days of our fore-fathers. Even Adam fell a victim of it. Our mothers  had no other way to earn respect the respect of their spouses (because things were tough at that time) so they had to use the "bottom-power". And they used it for important things such as our school fees and even that soup we can't do without.

So Why Is The Bottom-Power No Longer Relevant? 
Things have changed. Women are no longer segregated as they were in the last 30 years and there are enough causes that are screaming gender equality. And I expected the whole "Bottom-Power" thing to change but it hasn't. Enough ladies especially educated ones still think that is the only way they can earn the respect of men or their spouse(s). That shit irks me a lot.

The "bottom-power" is cool and powerful, trust me I have been held captive for months by it. But it is not something women should rely on as their only source of respect or influence in a relationship. And it is infact one of  the reason why many relationships and even marriages fail.

I know guys also have their issues, but as a lady if all you have in the relationship is your "bottom-power", then you guys are headed for a disaster.

There is nothing wrong in setting crazy goals for yourself. There is nothing wrong in starting a business without the help of any guy whatsoever. There is nothing wrong in knowing what you really want..... All these things and many others are what makes your spouse respect you in a relationship.

Your "bottom-power" should only be a dessert and not the main dish...... Creating something that matters as a lady is the real "bottom-power".

PS: Pending the time God shows me the "one" any "sesi" lady in the house looking for adventure is free to shoot me an email. (and don't think you can use your "bottom-power" on me... It can't work)

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Thursday, 9 April 2015

100 Things I'd Love To Do Before I Die

It has been a while since I took time out to reflect on the steps I have taken with respect to the person I intend becoming in life. So I decided midnight (when everyone except witches are asleep) will be awesome to do that... I'm a kind of person that writes almost everything that comes to mind (especially goals) in what I call- "Goal-Books".

So I picked one of those "Goal-Books" and as I glanced through the goals I had set for myself 5 years ago, I stumbled on a particular page that was titled "100 THINGS I WOULD LOVE TO DO BEFORE I DIE". I laughed so hard as I read through those things because many of them are crazy stuffs I can't even imagine myself doing. I am still trying to figure out what motivated me to write those stuffs though.

Well, I randomly picked out 20 of them and I just had this feeling that I need to share them on this blog. I have successfully completed 5 out of these 100 things and I'd add them to the list. So altogether here are 25/100 things I'd love to do before I die (please don't judge me);

  1. Sky Dive
  2. Hike A Famous Mountain
  3. Write and Publish 100 books
  4. Run For Public Office
  5. Build 50 Start-Ups
  6. Do a Threesome 
  7. Draw A Tattoo
  8. Have A TV Show
  9. Build A Charity Home For The Non-Privileged
  10. Kiss A Guy
  11. Visit All The Countries In Africa
  12. Speak French, Mandarin, Spanish, Italian, fluently
  13. Record an Album
  14. Starr in an Hollywood Movie
  15. Paint something ridiculous and sell It for $100,000
  16. Hug 50 strangers in a day and say "I love you".
  17. Stand in the middle of Times square and scream "I did it!"
  18. Ghost Write a book for free.
  19. Run a Marathon
  20. Learn to play the guitar
  21. Have a clothing line
  22. Grow a beard and leave it for at least a month
  23. Travel to the moon
  24. Fall deeply in love
  25. Swim with a Dolphin.
I have successfully completed the ones in green. I wrote these things 5 years ago and a lot have changed since then. And I am not sure I really want to do most of them anymore. But one thing I'm sure of is that I'm not scared to try out crazy things neither am I too scared to fail or make mistakes.

If you don't have a list (like this one) yet, go ahead and create one, even if it is just for the fun of it.

Sadiq Daniel is a certified Crazy Writer and Teens Coach that blogs on business, Self- development, Life lessons and Ideas that challenges the status quo... You can pursue him on Twitter: @sadiqspeaks LinkedIn: Sadiq Daniel and Email:Sadiqdaniel@gmail.com

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Why GEJ Is Not A Hero

25 years ago, a certain woman traveled to Zimbabwe on a research trip to investigate why girls' school enrollment in rural areas was very low. She discovered that poverty was the road block as opposed to cultural reasons. Families could not afford to buy books or pay school fees for all their children. Instead they sent their male children to school because they stood a better chance of getting a paid job after graduation.

This woman understood how this poverty and exclusion theory affects these girls psychologically and economically, and if girls could be educated, supported by their communities and empowered to shape their own destinies, they could change their communities and nations forever.

She really wanted to help and change the status-quo but she had no money. She struggled and launched grassroots fund-raising campaigns single-handedly, such as selling baked foods and was able to send 32 girls to school successfully. And in the space of 20 years she was able to send over 400,000 children to school.

This woman's name is Ann Cotton and I'm sure you are inspired by her story. Yes, that is the effect heroes or someone that did something heroic has on us.

Heroes are people that go the extra length to create something that matters even when they are not obliged to. Most times they don't get paid for it. They see it as a service to humanity.

We have many other heroes too like Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther king Jr, Mary Slessor e.t.c

And it will only be demeaning and unfair to what heroes stands for if we call every Dick and Harry a Hero.

President Jonathan (A.K.A GEJ) lost the presidential elections to the opposition party and he conceded defeat in a reasonable and calm manner. The elections was free and fair (to some extent) and the country was not in any sort of chaos as many pastors prophesied. Nigerians feared.

But all of that doesn't make him a hero and there was nothing heroic about what he did. That was just a normal thing to do. Many even went ahead to say he deserves a Nobel Prize... In what I ask? Some even said he should be immortalized.

I actually thought people were just trying to play pranks or crack crazy jokes as that is synonymous with Nigerians - We tend to create humor around everything, no matter how terrible.

But no, People were darn serious about this hero and super-hero talk. They even went as far as creating hashtags such as #GEJourHero... I think they're are plainly sentimental. Calling GEJ a Hero because he conceded defeat in a calm way is crazy. Is that not the normal and sensible thing to do?

This is just sad and this explains we scream "UP NEPA" when NEPA supplies our houses electricity we are paying for.

If GEJ is a hero for calling Buhari... Then I guess I am a hero too because I just called my pastor and I think I deserve a Nobel prize too.

Sadiq Daniel is a certified Hero that deserves a Nobel Prize for his articles on business, Self- development, Life lessons and Ideas that challenges the status quo... You can pursue him on Twitter: @sadiqspeaks LinkedIn: Sadiq Daniel and Email:Sadiqdaniel@gmail.com

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Every Startuper/Small Business Owner Should Take This Free Online Business Course

One of the advantages of the connection economy is the unlimited access we have to information. Information is cheaper than it was in the past 50 years and this is something every entrepreneur or startuper should leverage. 

Starting up a business especially for someone that knows little or nothing about businesses requires a lot of research- You need to know about the market, how to build a great team, writing a great business model, how to get funds and many other crazy stuffs.

Getting an MBA is expensive, so I had to read a lot of books on business and attended series of "paid-for" seminars before I launched my first business, that unfortunately crashed after three and half months.  But it is now possible to get an extremely well-rounded business education even from the best professors in the world without enrolling in a university or leaving your house. 

Online courses may not necessarily give you the pay boost of a traditional two-year MBA but they can give you many of the core skills taught at top universities and business schools.

 Last week I stumbled on a free online business course from Stanford University that I think everyone starting a business should download.

COURSE TITLE: Entrepreneurship Through The Lens Of Venture Capital

The course explores how successful startups navigate funding, managing, and scaling their new enterprise. 

This process is explored through guest lectures and mentor-ship from experienced venture capital investors and seasoned entrepreneurs who manage these issues on a daily basis in Silicon Valley. 

Course themes: customer value equation, board management, market strategy, company culture, and hyper growth. This is a student initiated course. 

The course covers the fundamentals for building a successful company.While there is no set formula for building a successful company, basic principles and general patterns are manifested in the most successful start-ups. With assistance from experienced venture capital investors and seasoned entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley, this course proceeds through the stages of growth and challenges experienced by startups

Why You Should Take It
The idea of getting venture capital backing and scaling a business from nothing to an IPO sounds incredibly intimidating. This course is an effort to explain that process, from the perspective of the people that invest in tiny startups with the expectation of making a massive return. 
The course comes from Stanford, which has produced its share of successful entrepreneurs, including Sergey Brin and Larry Page. A variety of guest lecturers, both successful venture capitalists and investors, gave advice as part of the course.

Platform: This Material can only be accessed via iTunes. So you need to download iTunes on your PC if you don't have it already

Here is the link to the course -Entrepreneurship through the lens of venture capital You may also check out Stanford Online for more courses on business and management. 

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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Selling More For Less No Longer Works For Great Products

I woke up this morning to a marketing newsletter from an e-commerce store offering 50% discount on most of the electronic products they sell... This is not something new, in fact it has been around for more than 50 years now. It is called mass marketing - It is a marketing technique that leverages the human psychology (our love for cheap things) by creating more for less. But selling more for less or halving the price no longer works, not for great products anyways and this is why;

Everyone Else Is Selling More For Less, Doing The Same Won't Make You Any Different

When entering a crowded market; where every other persons are struggling for a slice in the market share, what comes to minds of young entrepreneurs and new businesses (after analyzing the market for its strengths, weaknesses and potentials) is to map out plans on how they can increase the quality of what their competitors sell for less. This of course will give you a temporary orgasm - if you are successful, the market will notice you and run your way. But it won't last for long because another start-up somewhere is preparing to launch and they will probably do the same thing, replacing you in the process.

There is no way on earth you can reduce the price of what you are offering and simultaneously increase the quality. except if you did money rituals and using your business as a cover-up At the end of the day, all you would end up doing is creating average products for average people.... So what works?

Not Selling For Everybody Because Great Products Are Not For Everyone

The best way to create great products is by carving out a niche in a crowded market and lead them by selling more for more as opposed to selling more for less. You don't need to capture the whole market. Not all businesses will be like Google or Amazon or Walmart. There is always a niche, a tribe waiting in a crowded market for someone to lead them. Instead of trying to win everybody's heart, locate these tribes (group of people that have certain things in common), and lead them. This process is very difficult and that's probably the reason why we have few great products around but it is the way the most effective way to creating a great brand that is difficult to replace.

 Produce for a micro market.

Market to a micro market.

When someone wants to know how big you can make (your audience, your market share, your volume), it might be worth pointing out that it's better to be important, to be in sync, to be the one that's hard to be replaced. And the only way to be important is to be relevant, focused and specific.

The same principle applies to our daily life and routine. Stop doing what everyone is doing because they say it sells. You will never be relevant that way.

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Sunday, 29 March 2015

What Your Teacher Taught You About Failure Are All Lies!

There are certain things that school is teachings us and our kids that no longer works and they are inadvertently killing our creativity - Just like I discussed in why we need to make more mistakes.

About 50 years ago, before the advent of the internet, It costs more to make things that matters. For example if you want to set up a Newspaper company, you will need (a) A building with offices in it (b) Paid staffs (c) Delivery vans....e.t.c. You will need a huge amount of capital to launch that kind of business. Mistakes were expensive and you couldn't afford to try out new things (even if you wanted to).

So it was easy for school to brainwash us into believing that mistakes are bad and must be avoided at all costs. It was easy for our teachers to prepare our minds to defend the status quo. Because in the industrial economy, only those with capital create stuffs that matters while the rest go to school so they can work for them.

But with the advent of the internet and crazier technologies, there was a paradigm shift from the Industrial economy to the Connection economy- where there are unlimited opportunities for those who dare take a leap. A connection economy where you don't have to wait to be picked. A connection economy where you can create your own "world" and dominate it.

Unfortunately, school didn't seem to flow with the tide. They still teach our kids how expensive mistakes are and why they need to avoid them. They still teach us not to take risks- because we might fail.

This is wrong! Mistakes are less expensive in the connection economy. we can afford to fail and make mistakes. You don't need a building or a large group of people to start a company now. The cost of starting a business is cheaper than in the last 50 years.

The connection economy is the best time to take risks and try out new things because there are unlimited resources at our disposals. And the only way to really succeed in the connection economy is to fail. Yes, you didn't read that wrong. You need to fail as much as you can until you succeed. Interestingly, this has no downside unlike what our teachers told us. Because when you fail, you learn new things and connect with new people (all of these at little or no cost).

Those that truly fail are those defending the status-quo just like school taught them, those that not willing to give it a shot. Those that are scared of trying.

We need to keep failing (as opposed to what our teachers taught us) until we get it right.... That is the only way the connection economy works.

Sadiq Daniel is a certified Crazy Writer and Teens Coach that blogs on business, Self- development, Life lessons and Ideas that challenges the status quo... You can pursue him on Twitter: @sadiqspeaks LinkedIn: Sadiq Daniel and Email: Sadiqdaniel@gmail.com

#FaraSpeaks: A Very Short Article On How Mosquitoes Kill Dreams

When the word came up my head, I remembered some scenes in the movie 'HOTEL RWANDA' which was about the war of attrition between the Hutu and Tutsi that led to ethnic violence with a lot of causalities... Thousands of people were massacred, reminds of the Nigerian civil war.

But this article is not about the Hutu and Tutsi neither is it about the Biafra - Not that they aren't significant though. This article is solely dedicated to mosquitoes. Yes, mosquitoes (I'm not crazy. OK maybe I am).

Mosquitoes aren't just a jeopardy to our health - agents of darkness malaria and all. They can make you go through hell (literally). But seriously, Mosquitoes are crazily annoying. Just when you think you are (temporarily) free from your crazy boss at work and lay on your bed to sleep (and probably dream about that sexy secretary at work), these blood sucking demons appears out of nowhere and suck the hell out of you. And what even irks me more than their painful bites is the annoying noise they make.... Can't they just suck my blood in peace?

Mosquitoes are annoying creatures. And we have some set of people in our lives that behaves just like them. They don't seem big or so physically present but they can mar our lifetime and destiny. They don't encourage us or push us to create things that matters.

All they do is make noise and suck the hell out of our dreams. They tell us our dreams are not realistic. They tell us our goals are too big and impossible. And the funny thing is that you don't even need to open the doors or windows for them to come in, they just do. They make us slack and unproductive.

For you to be able to take charge of your life and be productive, you need to identify these "mosquitoes". Then get a gun and shoot their brains off  get rid of them by; (a) Ignoring their advice (b) Surrounding yourself with those that will bring you closer to the person you intend becoming.

You deserve a good sleep for a great dream and a good health/concentration to make it big in life.You need a world devoid of unnecessary distractions- you have a handful already. 

Eradicate all the mosquitoes of your life and have a mosquito-free life.

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This is a #GuestPost written by Mr Faradara. Faradara is an award winning OAP, Speaker and Writer dedicated to impacting young minds. You may chase him on twitter @mrfaradara or have sex with him on Facebook