Monday, 31 August 2015

How Much Are You Worth?

When the idea to write this article came, I was very angry. And like I used to do when I get ideas, I wanted to put it to writing at that instant.But I somehow chilled. i don't know how, but i did.

This Was The Reason For My Anger:

Last month, two business blogs sent me couple of emails on how they want me to contribute on their blog... For FREE. I replied to tell them I wasn't interested in the offer.

Two weeks ago, another one(blog) contacted me, still on the same terms and conditions... "Write for FREE". They even still had the guts to tell me that my content has to be exclusive to their blog.

I know I am not making sense yet with this article, just chill (like I did) and read on.

If I got those emails three years ago, I would scream for joy! In 2012 I was literally rolling on the floor, begging blogs to write for free and many declined my request. I needed to write for free so I could get people (traffic) on my blog and improve on my writing skills.

I wrote for a few and my style of writing has improved. In fact, I created my own style of writing *scratch that* and now have a tribe I lead *adjusts crown*.

I am not Seth Godin or Tim Ferris, but I can not write for free for any blog if it is not on my terms. I am not looking to increase my (or my blog's) popularity neither am I looking for avenues to increase my writing skills.

Here Is My fucking Reason 

I may not be as popular as Robert Kiyosaki or Seth Godin (I have mentioned Seth's name twice. He is that awesome) but I know my self worth. I know how much I am worth. I am already writing for free on my own blog (which is very hard especially when you are sharing quality content).

I have a lot of projects I am working on- my radio show, my book, speaking engagements, my blog, 3 start-ups. If I would have to write for even the New York times, I'd definitely have to make certain sacrifices. So writing for free is out of it (except if it has to be on my own terms).

Letting people know your self worth doesn't portray arrogance or pride. It is just a way of letting people know the level of shit you can take.

How long are you going to keep working for FREE all in the name of self development? There is no standard for self development. We learn and grow everyday.

Set high standards for yourself and don't sell yourself cheap.

How much are you worth? If you don't have the answer to that question (or if your answer is I'm always available... For FREE) then you need serious help.

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