Monday, 31 August 2015

Why We All Need Side-Chicks

So you have that great idea- that will be the next google... That will make the world stand attention. You draft out a business plan and model, source for investors- Venture capitalists, crowd funding, money rituals family and friends just to make the idea a reality.

You start working on the idea- it became a start-up and eventually a fortune 500 company after ten years. The business is all you've got and a couple of years after that, Boom! It crashed. You lost everything.... You develop an heart attack and died. And the basest thing is that only your family members graced your funeral.

OK maybe that wasn't a real story (or I went too far) but that is what happens when you put all your eggs in one goddamn basket (no matter how expensive or beautiful that basket is).

We all need to have a side-chick (a plan B) in whatever we do - especially if you are an entrepreneur.

No idea is the "bestest." No matter how convinced you are about anything, no matter how much you trust a strategy or model, have a goddamn plan B.

I was 5 chapters into an awesomely controversial book I was writing before my laptop crashed. It crashed without any warning. I trusted the laptop so much that I didn't have a back up.

It hurts when you don't have a back up plan- I have been there, it really hurts. Even the military have backup plans (side chicks).

Having a backup plan is very important. It saves us from embarrassment. Imagine that you have a very important speaking engagement and everything you need (Power point slides, jottings) is on your IPad. And when you mount the podium to speak, it refuses to come on. How would you feel?

Having a backup plan doesn't mean you do not believe in your dreams, you might not even make use the plan B at the end of the day but it is goddamn important you have one.

PS: I am not in any way encouraging/promoting promiscuity. You are completely on your own when you have a side-chick in a relationship.

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