Monday, 31 August 2015


Proverbs 14:1

"Every wise woman buildeth her house...."

Why not sit back, know the qualities before trekking the streets of Lagos in the name of "whosoever findeth"

What are the main qualities to look forward to in a woman?

We have to consider the issue of women or rather wives. On the contrary, I didn't have to move round Surulere to write this article. I just looked deep into the bible. You see that's the beautiful thing about the bible. It's so funny we have an encyclopedia of all life questions answered to detail, but we just toss it around and leave to a Sunday-Sunday affair whilst we listen to the opinion of men setting them as our standard.

She must be slim, curvy, have a British accent, natural hair, cook jollof well (lool!)...the list continues. I think this is the reason why so many ladies are seriously working out. But who would marry the fat ones?...that's a topic for another day.

You see, women differ and God designed them to be help mates. Therefore we could infer that God designed all women to be help mates...In short all to have a husband sort of. Therefore, there's surely more to a helper than the curves and jollof. This qualities are deep and to be cultivated.

Looking at this scripture, it gives us the wisdom of caution in choosing and also helps us (especially for those already courting) to know whether you are with the right lady.

If during dating/courtship, all she does is spend, spend, spend...from iPhone to BB classic to all sorts and she never for once talks about the future...Mehn rethink oooooo!

She never  encourages you to dream big, instead she makes huge withdrawals; emotionally and financially. Baba wakeup!!

You can easily infer two things concerning her attitude from today's scripture.
1) She is not wise
2) Obviously she's foolish

Let me add an unconscious third..Guy, the difference between you and an automated teller machine is slim..very slim..

Someone would say, this is so basic, everyone knows this...Alright, how come many are still victims?
Get my point, I am not saying the physical qualities are bad; in fact that fosters attraction. My point is simple: 


The divorce rate is getting higher, together we can stop this by implementing simple steps starting from dating.

Someone would also does a futuristic girlfriend (who spends reasonably) tie up with prudence?
The bible verse below answers your question

"The wise in heart shall be called prudent..."

She can't be wise and not be prudent. Simply put, the symbol of wisdom is prudence. I mean with time, money,

I'd pick it up from here next time..till then, THINK ooooo...before you enter and begin to say "It's better for man to be alone". Hereby, avoiding stories that touch! Run for your life!!!!

Abioye is a spirit filled christian writer and a mechanical engineer. He is skilled in writing articles pertaining to learning and the christian faith as revealed from the scriptures. He currently works at Oando Gas and Power and he can be reached via and +2348126317529 for speaking engagements.

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