Tuesday, 19 May 2015

I Finally Found A Rhythm

When I started this blog 5 years ago, I started with random stuffs (Politics,Life,Business,Naija's BS and many more).

Over the years, I have learned to narrow "all of that" into a niche that I think I created for myself - "Ideas that Challenges The Status Quo" niche. So all my ideas are centered around this niche.

But narrowing my articles down to a niche was not really the problem. The problem was that I am/was not consistent with my writing. I'd wake up one morning and say "yeah, I'm going to write an article each day for the rest of the year". Then after writing a couple of articles, I'd go back to my old ways and come up with an excuse of how busy I am and stuffs.

Seeing Seth and Rohan (the real busy guys) write consistently everyday for years challenged me to challenge my attitude. I might not have to right everyday, but I need to find a rhythm.

So after couple of hours meditating, I think I've found my rhythm. I'd write a draft per day and publish them every Tuesday nights (pending the time I get a better rhythm *smiles*).

PS: I think these blogs (aside from Seth and Rohan's) are worth checking out: Yemisi Agusto, Victory Anosike, Ofilispeaks, AVC, The middle finger projectKaylah notes,

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