Tuesday, 19 May 2015

My First Official Art Work Ever

"It doesn't make any sense"
"Dude are you serious?"
"This can't be art... Dammit!"
"It is shitty"
"Do something else dude"
"Get a job man!"
"This is Crazy man!"

This 'art' portrays and explains better what people see when you tell them about your idea.

This 'art' portrays what creativity looks like in its raw form.

Creativity is senseless and has no meaning in its raw form (not until you create something with it).

And please don't wait till your idea resonates or make sense to everyone before you do something about it.

Take a cue from this: Martin Luther King's Idea for equal voting right didn't make any sense at the time. He was criticized even by blacks, but that didn't stop him from doing things that looked 'crazy' at that time. But now the dude is celebrated and immortalized like a 'god'. It took the world over 40 years after his death to understand what he fought for.

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