Friday, 17 July 2015

#DaySeven #365DayGratitudeProject Joyful Ride With Christ

Life for me has been a joyful ride so far, since I found my identity in Christ. A lot of unanswered questions have been answered. I am in that place now where I am satisfied with my self. Knowing what God has planned for me which are certainly not evil but good. This humble knowledge of purpose and vision has given me a new sense of direction and a new kind of peace which emits not just happiness but peace and wisdom. The holy spirit has become an experience that sheds so much light to my self discovery and recovery. The healing of my heart from scars that I never thought could be healed. The liberation of my soul from habits and addictions that could have led me to an early grave. Now I'm alive in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. For all these, I'm grateful to God for his grace and loving kindness.

Jean A.P Abbey.
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PS: #365DaysGratitudeProject is a daily challenge (that I started July 11th) to show gratitude for something different for 365Days (Ends July 10th 2016). To be a part of this project, send me an email ( containing what you are grateful for and I'd be kind to share it with others.