Thursday, 16 July 2015

FRUIT OF AFRICA: The Article By "Uncle K" That Made Me Think

So last month I stumbled on a blog and I didn't leave the blog until I read all the articles in it (Yes I can be that awesome).

I love the way he arranged his thoughts and all the articles he wrote resonates with me. But of all the articles I read, this one below made more magic in my soul. It is deep and worth your time.


Can I take a minute to visit the minds of the kings and queens that,
Mr Luther King dreamed for?
A few minutes to speak to the future that Mrs Rosa Parks held that front seat for?
The same folk the Mr Malcolm X hoped he could use his fists to fight free for?
They fought for us,
And thought for us to be respected as a body of one people,
We needed composure in the free fall, to unite as a body of equals.
Because we were cast as slaves, struck with the same stone.
We were all niggers by the same right,
So why do we behave like we ain't from the same home?
Ready to kill a young man because his post doesn't go to the same code,
Performing our own apartheid because our skins don't resemble the same tones.

We are ebony kings and queens, born from great thrones.

But we forget that we are royals,
That we have the riches of a kingdom in our veins.
Crafted from the soils of a great land, we have the ancestry of sovereigns in our DNA.
We are the sons and daughters of empires, but our minds have been tainted.
Where Parks, King and X fought for fruition in the black community,
We've achieved mass division because we lack unity.
We don't hear the lash and cracks of the whip, we didn't see that era in history,
But we are still divided and conquered in our mindsets,
Because we still have silly debates such as dark chicks versus light chicks.
Like we are still blinded by the eyes of colonialism,
And I'm a culprit but we still fuck around with these negative colloquialisms...
Are you listening... my niggers / niggas?
Don't get it twisted, I ain't saying follow my virtues,
but before we can overcome collective grief, we need to overcome individual hurdles.

We are the fruit of Africa.
Produce of the Horn.
Children of the tribes, stars plotted across the vast dark skies.
We don't realise how much talent we harbour,

The magnificent gifts and traits from our forefathers.

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