Tuesday, 10 February 2015

What Are You Doing With Your Bathroom Ideas?

What are you doing with your bathroom ideas?
I spend an average of 30-35minutes in the bathroom every morning... The larger fraction of the time (say 20-30minutes) goes to what I call my "bathroom ideas".

Considering the fact that the bathroom is the only place where I can actually be naked and alone, I find it easier to reflect on my life, actions, restructure my goals. And once in a while crazy ideas pops in.

Many of us have similar experiences - we all tend to have bathroom ideas (except if you are an alien tho).

But what are we doing with these ideas? Are you flushing these ideas... Or do you let them go down the drain?

We need to start acting on these ideas. Don't underrate your bathroom. There is no better place to get ideas that will change the world if you ask me. I'm sure if you happen to ask Jeff Bezos or Seth Godin where they got most of their ideas from? They'd tell you it was in the bathroom.

Irrespective of where you even get ideas from- restaurants, bathroom, church, school and even in your sleep.... You need to act on them (no matter how crazy they may seem).

Do not write off any idea you get instead put it down in writing - that was what I did. I have a small 'pocket-sized' pad I carry anywhere I go because you never can tell where and when the next idea might come.

Then I assess all these ideas every week, pick out the best ones (the ones I think will help me create something that matters). At the end of the month, I pick one of my "best" ideas, focus on that one and make something happen with it.

Having great ideas doesn't make you special or you unique. And your ideas are useless if you don't put them to work. And there is nothing more painful than seeing someone transform one of bathroom ideas (you probably ignored) into something that matters.

You don't need the approval of people before you work one these ideas. In fact ideas that happens to change the world doesn't seem to make any sense at first.

Most of the ideas I put to work didn't work, but I did anyways. You should do same too...don't worry about the results, Just Do it!

Put your bathroom ideas to work today!

PS: I've got so many crazy ideas on start-ups and small business. I really don't want them to die because I can only work on a few at a time. So I'm willing to share these ideas with anyone interested. All you need to do is send me a mail or tweet @sadiqspeaks.

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