Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Monnie Writes: Love Is Not Enough

You might be wondering why all I talk about is love. Well, this is the month of love; finding love, rekindling love, growing love, blossoming love, sharing love. It’s all about love!
Then why is love not enough? We tend to weave dreams around us, we live and believe in these dreams, but when reality kicks in, then we find out that love is never enough.
It’s not wrong to dream. What is wrong is ignoring reality and grasping straws when it is evident that you are only deceiving yourself.
You meet a new person, who sweeps you off your feet, he is romantic, tells you sweet nothings, dines you, spends time with you. Oh! What a dream come true!
He takes you on a romantic getaway on a weekend, you are in the heavens. He fights the driver on the way over #100 change and you help him create an excuse for that. He doesn’t want to be cheated.
He beats up his sister over a gown he bought for you, which the sister took because she likes it. You say, he is only protecting my interest.
He slapped you around because he met a guy in your house and didn’t believe that the guy is only a friend. You say, I should know better than to have a male friend.
You ignored all the warning signs. You say, I love him.
Please wake up! He is violent and will never change. You will always find an excuse for every abuse you receive in that relationship. Love is not the only factor you use to determine or choose a partner. Love is not violent.
You need to sit down and ponder over exactly what you want in your dream man. Don’t settle for less. An abusive relationship is not healthy.

Written by Monisola Tairu of  MonnieWrites

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