Thursday, 10 September 2015

Life Is Not A Popularity Contest

... Make real connections (create a TRIBE).

Connections with people that have done what you intend doing. With people that will motivate you and encourage you to unleash your creativity. With people that will push you to do more.

The fact that the world is big doesn't mean we need everybody to be on our side. We don't need a crowd, what we need is a TRIBE.

What the crowd does is deceive us into believing we are leading a tribe (when we are not). The Crowd bites our dreams and vision each day till we have nothing left. They are cynics that will tell you it is not possible to do what you intend doing (because they have never seen anyone do it).

If you have over a million people  following you across social media platforms and you can only influence the decision of a little over a thousand then you are surrounded by a very big CROWD.

It is difficult filtering out the most important people (a TRIBE) from the CROWD. And it is more difficult cutting the connections we have with them (the crowd), especially when they are our close friends and families.

But it is the sacrifice we must make if we want to create work that matters in the world that we live in.

PS: Talking about tribes I just made new connections with Albert and Fred and I am happy to be a member of their tribe.

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