Friday, 10 July 2015

Long Live #KingSadiq

I really don't know how to start this article. I am overwhelmed by the love showered on me today that this article might not have any structure whatsoever, but you will survive... LOL

I should have known today will be this awesome when I technically got my first birthday gift on the first day of July 2015.

The ship sailed around 5am when my moms turned up  with her "MFM" prayers... Pops followed suit. And ever since they both opened the gates of the kingdom (Yes I am a King... If you don't already know) the calls and texts no greee stop (I received more texts today than I have ever received in my entire life).
I'm so Zen at the moment. All the people that have actually spoken with me today are surprised because I am usually hyper and I sound calm... I'm just trying to absorb and enjoy it all.

A lotta of Kings and Queens tagged along today. Everyone is being marvelous on Facebook, Whatsapp and BBM. I really felt like a King (that I am)

And that was how...

Oboi! The story long jare... Lemmie just skip to the really good stuff.

I also did something awesome today too. I shared my birthday and donated to Charity: Water (There are some places in the world where they don't have access to clean water... Oya biko  make a Dollar count). You may check my Mentor's Blog (His Birthday is today too... Awesome pulzon) to know more about how you can be part of work that matters.

The Next #365 Days

I am officially launching a new project today. It is called the #365DaysGratitudeProject I'd post everyday for the next 365 days what I am grateful for. It will also be awesome if you can sail with me on this project. All you have to do is send me an email containing your content to PS: your content shouldn't be more than two paragraphs. I want to keep it as short as possible. And make sure you drop a link to your social media accounts so the awesome Kings and Queens here can reach you when they need to.

I'd also start the #AlphaTeensProject where I'd tour high schools in the city of Lagos to teach teens (from ages 14-18) Self Development and Creativity. If you want work with me (or want me to come to your school) send me an or reach me on BBM:27621DB4

Finally, my new book LIFE WITHOUT SEMESTERS: How School Kills Creativity will be birthed before the end of the year.

It feels so good to have great people around me. I love you guys.

Let's do some magic together these coming days.

Thank you, Ese, Dalu... (Sorry I don't know what thank You means in Hausa)

PS: If you come across any typo... I was too excited to edit the article.