Saturday, 11 July 2015

#365DaysProject Day One: Embracing Where I Am

I set a lot of goals- Tough goals, for myself at the start of this year 2015. I am making significant progress with some, while nothing seem to work so far with the others.

So I entered the second quarter of this year feeling somewhat down and a little bit depressed and I think I've grown a little bit lean as a result of excessive thinking.

But upon reflecting on the first quarter of the year last night, I realized I have done a lot of awesome stuff that I should grateful for.

So I just want to show gratitude to the supreme being for where I am right now. I also want to embrace the person I am now, focus my energy on the positives and become a better person.

TG (the girlfriend) told me some days back to "Enjoy the moment... Relish the memory". It is a very short but deep phrase. So I'm advising you this morning (or whenever you stumble on this article) to just FOCUS ON THE POSITIVES AND ENJOY THE MOMENT.

PS: If you want to be part of this amazing #365DaysGratitudeProject send that thing you are grateful for to my Email: I'd publish it on here.