Thursday, 10 September 2015

How I Got A Big "NO" From A Prospective Guest On My Radio Show And What You Can Learn From It #SusanPayton

My goal was to have Susan Payton as my guest on my radio show- #AskingWHY next Monday.

She is the founder of egg marketing and communications, an internet marketing firm specializing in content marketing and social media management for software startups. She has written several books and featured on big business blogs such as, Forbes and Small biz trends.

Yes she is that awesome. So I picked up my beat up blackberry (blackberry loyalists still exists) and sent her an email.

Below is the screen shot of the to her.

In my mind I was like "this is sealed... I should make publicity for this interview already."

In about 30 minutes later, she sent this:

At first I was disappointed. But after a couple of hours, I realized that I had messed up big time. And here are few things you could learn from my story.

I Didn't Follow Up!

I scream "follow up this... follow up that" in most of my articles, yet I am the biggest culprit *where are the handcuffs? Someone  needs to be jailed!". Okay Jokes apart, I interviewed Susan Payton three years ago (yes I have been writing for that long) on this blog and I didn't follow up after the interview. I stopped tracking her, I seldom read her articles (like I used to). I stopped sending her tweets on twitter, yet I was expecting a big hug/ a peck on the cheek. Who does that?

Remember the "Aso-Ebi" story I wrote, my story is the exact replicate. (how sad!)

Connecting with people when it comes to creating work that matters is great but it doesn't stop at that. We should undermine the importance of follow-up. There are zillions of people on the internet connecting with each other so it is very easy to forget someone (even the ones that did something very important for you). So the best way to keep a connection alive is by following up.

Maybe when we start seeing the connections we make on the internet as real connections (because they really are) we would treat them like real connections too.

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