Tuesday, 14 July 2015

#DayFour #365DaysGratitudeProject: Missed Opportunities

sadiq daniel

When I was five years old, all I wanted to be in the future was a medical doctor.

Flash forwards to present day (the future), I don't even have a name for what I am (I don't think the name has been invented yet.

I am an entrepreneur, chemical engineer (with polymer spices), writer, soon-to-be- author, blogger, small biz marketing consultant, lover, Radio presenter/producer, teens coach.... So you see what I'm talking about.

And everything is still piling up. I don't know what I am but what I know is that I am not a medical doctor (I'm not close in any way).

I acquired many of the skills and knowledge I have today not because I seized opportunities. Far from it. It is as a result of missed opportunities.

Every opportunity I missed became an instant blessing. If I had passed the JAMBs I wrote and gotten into university earlier than I did, I wouldn't have met the people that invested in my life and if they hadn't done that I wouldn't be where I am today.

Forget what they say about opportunity coming but once. It's a big lie! There are unlimited opportunities around but the thing is that they don't come to us. We need to take leaps of faith in order to gain access to them. When you miss an opportunity, appreciate it and don't waste time thinking about it. Go for the next one.

So I want to use this 'opportunity' to show gratitude and appreciate all the opportunities I have missed- I love you guys. And to the ones that I'd miss in the future. #365DaysGratitudeProject

PS: Let us use this 'opportunity' to vote my friend's sister into the project fame Academy. She's got talent. You can see for yourself here

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