Sunday, 19 July 2015

#DayNine #365DaysGratitudeProject The Last 5 Years

The Last 5 Years for me have been the most... What's the word?...AWEsome? okay, lemme use 'AWEsome'. Awesome things have happened to me these years.

But not just AWEsome things, Crazy, Stupid, Sad AND Happy things have happened too.

5 years ago, I got admitted into one Nigerian University like that to study Medicine and Surgery.

I went in as what I wanna call a 'dummy', I knew nothing of this NEW WORLD, except for the fact that it was a New World and I needed to!

I am the only son, first son and first child of my parents and adding to the fact that i knew no one that I could attach to for Survival. It was therefore up to me to adapt quickly to the new system.

THE LAST 5 YEARs, I have gained so many things that i am grateful for and i have learnt so many things that i ought to be GRATEFUL for.

I have learnt in the Last 5 Years:

That Life is short, and that Life is a shot.

That no one is responsible for YOU - but YOU.

That GOD will provide for you, He does. but you must try to provide for yourself until He does.

That people are looking up to you..and looking at you.

To take NO One for granted.

To take NO course for granted.

To give people hugs and handshakes (except in cases of Ebola).

To balance studies and fun.

To talk to girls and relate with boys.

To be controversial. If you're not, you are not being yourself.

To spend a little extra time with family and friends, because believe it or not, you will miss them.

That when things are going well for you, Everyone will be your friend. But when things ain't going so well, only then are you gonna know your true friends.

That a blessed soaked garri is better than a cursed fried rice and chicken.

That sometimes in life, you just have to risk being Vulnerable.

That if everyone is thinking alike, no one is thinking well enough.

That not everybody likes you, treasure those who do.

To never act like you know it all, even when you know that you know it all.

That everyone you meet knows something you don't.

To WRITE like it is your last, and READ like it is your first.

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