Tuesday, 28 July 2015

While I Was Gone #R.I.PHammed #365DaysGratitudeProject #DayTen

I wasn't able to publish any post on the gratitude project because I was down with fever. While I was gone, a lot of things happened.

But the one that pained me the most was a friend that passed on. I had just started following his articles online before he passed yet I resonate his style of writing. I didn't even follow him on twitter nor for once comment on his articles or send "Hi" to me but we were close.

From the things I saw him do, how he did them and the way people respect him, I knew he was creating work that matters.

His story was a touching one; he lived, He loved, and he was loved. Even when he had issues with his health, he still wanted to help people and he kept creating work that matters.

Hammed was a warrior. He kept fighting regardless of the shapes and sizes of each battle and challenges. I learnt a lot from Hammed's story.

I learnt that our life is not ours. Life is a gift (whether we believe it or not) and the best way to live life is to show gratitude and respect each moment.

We should take each second seriously. We shouldn't waste time doing something that won't create any value in our lives.

We can show gratitude for our lives by appreciating our loved ones, showing them more love and being there when they need us the most.

We can show gratitude for our lives by living a healthy life. By avoiding toxic substances that are harmful to our health.

We can show gratitude for our lives by taking time out from work to rest

We can show gratitude for our lives by having fun, giving ourselves a treat, going on holidays.

This life is a gift with an expiry date, let's make the most out of it.

RIP Hammed Abioye A.K.A Ceaser a real #OG.