Wednesday, 25 March 2015

The Truth About The Elections And Post Elections As Shown To Me By The Angels.

Disclaimer: This article can make the blind speak and the deaf see. It is structured around sarcasm but it contains one of the truest words you've heard in a long time. Do not read if you don't believe in Visions because I saw a vision just like the ones your pastor tells you he saw. If you don't believe you may check out my last experience with the Angels and how it turned out.

*coughs* I am terribly sorry the disclaimer of this article was that long - I had to cough out all the details so no one will sue me. Enjoy the bitter truth.

As I lay on my bed struggling with writers' block, my spirit went up to the heavens. My heart skipped a beat - I thought I was dead and on my way to hell because I told a lie the day before (my pastor told me liars can never make it to heaven). But it wasn't that time yet, the angels just wanted to show me a glimpse of the future - the bitter truth about the elections and post elections.

Angel Michael Chinedu said CHANGE will not happen this forth-coming elections neither will it happen after it and these were the reasons he gave;

Many Nigerians Are Trading Their Voting RIGHTS for RICE: The way Nigerians, especially youths are trading their voting rights for material things is alarming. The way we kill ourselves over Kegs of Groundnut oil, Bags of Rice and other material things during campaigns irks me the most. It has gotten so bad that these politicians don't say anything about what they have to offer to the masses, because they believe we don't give a fuck fufu about their long term plans and all we care about is our own cut of the national cake.

We Pray Too Hard For Change: I was lucky to be in church last Sunday and we prayed for change, good thing though, but prayer won't bring about change. We are addicted to praying without action. The same people that pray in churches and mosques are the same ones that are supplying arms and ammunition to thugs. Even these Politicians now leverage churches and our addiction to prayers for their campaigns. Praying and Screaming change is like a man attempting murder while praying to God for forgiveness.... God is not a Joker.

The truth is that CHANGE is not all about screaming or praying for it. Change starts within us. If we don't change the way we act and react to certain issues, nothing will really change.
We need to come out en-mass to vote for who we think matters. Don't  let material things influence your decisions. Don't sit at home watching TV while thugs decide the destiny of this nation.....Make things Happen.

PS: The Angels also showed me who won the elections... if you want to know, kindly shoot me an email containing #1000 Etisalat airtime.

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