Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Sadiq Speaks: 3 Things That Will Happen In Nigeria Before 2015 As shown To Me By The Angels

Ok so last night while I was asleep, I had a dream. Yes I had a “pre-Independence day celebration” dream where things that will happen in the future were shown to me- Things that will happen in Nigeria before year 2015.

I had dinner with all the angels and the twelve disciples… I would have shared the details about the dinner had Angel Philip and  Angel Chukwudu not warned me against doing so.

So I’d just go straight to the prophecies. Oh and I was also anointed a prophet by Angel Chinedu. I now have the right to be addressed as Prophet Sadiq and this blog Anointed Prophetic Evangelical Blog of Sadiq (Temporarily though).

1) There Will Be More Accidents On Our Roads: Yes. It is saddening but it is true. There will be more accidents on our roads before the New Year. Our Roads are very bad (especially Lagos-Ibadan Exp Way and Benin-Ore Exp Road) and decorated with pot-holes.

The only way to prevent this prophecy from coming to pass is if the government prays fixes these roads and they better do that fast.

2) More Rice Will Be Traded for the Rights of Many Nigerians: Angel Olamide personally showed me a YouTube version of this prophecy. In a bid to canvass people for their support ahead of the 2015 elections, More Rice will be distributed across Nigeria, especially to market women in exchange for their votes. And people will gladly trade their rights for rice as Christmas is fast approaching and Rice is expensive. How much is our rights worth anyway? 

And the only way to prevent this from happening is through  proper re-orientation (very though stuff). People need to be properly educated on the significance of their votes and that a single vote can change world.

3) Nigerians will pray more and do less: This particular prophecy is very controversial. I saw it (HD version) that we will not stop praying for change in the affairs in Nigeria. I saw that when NEPA didn’t supply electricity, we will pray. I also saw that when government officials launder tax payer’s money, we will pray and cast out demons. It was also revealed to me that we won’t do anything (no matter how small) to change anything; instead we will attend more vigils, fast and scream more prayers hoping for a Miracle. And guess what, He (Angel Chidi) said nothing. I mean nothing will happen. Nothing will happen because prayers without action will solve nothing. 
We should instead make things right ourselves by doing the right thing at the right time. Things like obeying traffic rules, not giving bribes, not littering. Maybe if we do these things, Nigeria will be a better place.

Just as Angel Gabriel was about showing some other things, my Crazy Alarm rang. But never to worry because he texted me that he may show me more things this Night if I can send him #2000 recharge card. 

I’m kinda short on cash right now and I don’t know if you guys can help me out with the recharge card. You can send it via twitter @sadiqspeaks or shoot me a mail at

So you never can tell what I might see this night…..

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