Thursday, 2 October 2014

What If We All Are Asleep and Everything is Just a Dream

After my experience with the Angels the night before, something crazy flashed through my mind and it is kind of stuck in my subconscious. So I thought it would be wise if I shared it with you guys….

So what if everything that is happening right now is just a dream. What if in the “real world” we are all asleep and this is not real?

I shared this idea with a friend this morning and the response I got was that “No this can’t be a dream… it is too long to be one”. True, but what if in the “real world”, we are just 20mins into the sleep – it is not as long as we think it is.

What if our lost ones are not really dead? What if we didn’t really fail that interview? What if your business didn’t really crash? What if we weren’t really laid off at work? What if Nigeria is not really that bad? What if we had better roads in the “real world”? What if Steve Jobs is not really dead? What if you didn’t really invest all your money in that stock that crashed? What if “Boko Haram” didn’t really happen? What if the Chibok girls were not really kidnapped? What if Ebola is not even for real? What if the Biafra war didn’t really happen? What if Ukraine is not really at war...?


What if the moments you shared with your loved ones and family were not real? What if you are not really a billionaire? What if you don’t really have beautiful kids? What if your PhD is not even for real? What if your Porsche is not real? What if the Million dollar lottery you just won is not real…?

IF (big IF) we are truly asleep and this is a dream, then I’d say this dream is full of ups and downs. I’d also say I have faced so many challenges. I have also met crazy people in this dream. I have fallen in love in this dream and had my heart smashed into tiny bits couple of times. There have been good times and bad times. I have learnt not to take this dream too seriously. I have also learnt that no one can really be trusted in this dream………

We all have different experiences in this dream – learnt a lot in this dream; we have also dreamt dreams in this dream. We’ve all had good and bad times in this dream.


If this life is just a dream and we have a choice to wake up into reality or continue living this dream, which will you choose?

Will you choose to continue living this dream or dare to wake up from it and see who you really are?

Sadiq Daniel is a certified crazy writer and Teens Coach that blogs on business, Self- development and Life lessons. You can pursue him on Twitter: @sadiqspeaks LinkedIn: Sadiq Daniel and Email: