Monday, 29 September 2014

A Very Short Article On Being Nice

Everyone is nice......

Everyone is nice but at different levels. I came to understand this fact when a "friend" did the "nicest" thing to me. I had always thought she doesn't care or that she's a loner.

Most times we tag people as cruel because we don't understand that we all have different "nice-yness" level.

Just because someone can't/wont do it the way you would have done it doesn't mean you are nicer than they are and vice versa.

Our nice-yness" levels are different. If a stranger walks up to me and asks for direction to some place that I happen to work, I might go as far as taking him there myself... You may not. But that doesn't mean I am Nicer than you are. We are just operating at different "nice-yness" level.

Our different "nice-yness" levels can be influenced by

Past experiences





Geographical area.

The most important thing is to understand that everyone is nice and no one is nicer. I am ME and YOU are YOU.

We all operate at different levels of "nice-yness". Do not use your own level of "nice-yness" as a yardstick to judge others... Respect them instead.

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