Monday, 29 September 2014

Which Is More Important To A Writer?

Which is more important to a writer?

Linking words or the content?

Paying attention to clich├ęs, paragraphs, putting comas and full stops where they need to be in an article matters a lot as it saves the reader a lot of stress.
But still, if the content of the article isn't of any benefit to the reader, the article is shit.

Keywords or the content?

There is no point writing an article when you are not going to publish it. And publishing nowadays doesn't guarantee that it is going to be read if you don't market it. You might have heard a lot from pastors SEOs and Gurus on blogging about how key words can put your article in the spotlight. So you bombard your article with keywords that the whole idea no longer makes sense. So all you get is traffic and not an audience for your article...

Design or Content?

Many of us go bananas when it comes to templates, widgets, and the lay out of our blog. We spend so much time fixing this and fixing that... We tend to forget that the building is not as important as those living in it. So we write crazy codes, and do crazy programming for our blogs.....

We might go on and on and on, comparing everything, putting them side by side. They all have their benefits, but there is nothing as important as the CONTENT.
This should be the goal of every writer>>>Focus on the message you want to pass across first before any other thing.

Invest more time on making your content better... It will make you a better writer

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