Wednesday, 25 March 2015

That Vanguard's Article That Kills Faster Than #BokoHaram

So I stumbled on an article on Facebook yesterday and I was taken aback by the content of the article.

With the advent of technology, it is now very easy to spread news and share ideas without stress... Every Dick and Harry has a blog and they spread news with no restrictions.

But amidst "all of that" I think the standard of genuine journalism should be on a pedestal. I never expected such an article from Vanguard- a respected media house in Nigeria. What was their editor thinking? Perhaps he/she was busy eating fufu while they published the article.

The title of the article is When Will The Igbo Presidency Be? The title of the article alone, let off reading it, triggers and instigates terrible ideas that can bring about war and separation. This kind of article is not meant to be published. Was the Editor naive or did he/she publish this article on purpose?....Articles like this shows the alarming increase in the level of mediocrity in Nigeria journalism.

Below are excerpts from the article;
"Igbo nation needs to re-invent itself, it needs holistic reorientation and strategic repositioning. The Igbo people need political pragmatism to enable them take their authentic political position after the tenure of Ebele Jonathan or Buhari, which is the producing of the Executive President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria."
"Specifically,   it is their turn to produce the next President of Nigeria. It was a great disservice to the Igbo course and it is tantamount to cowardice and judgmental fallacy for Igbo leaders to have called and supported the then Third Term Agenda and political escapades of the then President Obasanjo. Indeed, the Pan-Igbo socio-cultural and political organization the Ohaneze Ndigbo, their Governors, Legislators and Igbo leaders were consummately indictable."
"The Igbo people will continue to stew in the political slavery in Nigeria because they cannot take the bull by the horn and drive it out of their political china shop. What a shame! They should however, note that, if they fail to produce the next President after Ebele Jonathan or Buhari, they will continue to dwell in the epicenter of political limbo in Nigeria."
And considering the fact that we are so gullible in Nigeria, war of words had already started in the comment section long before I finished reading the article.

This is saddening because it is the insane articles like this one that divides and kill the nation, not Ebola nor the #BokoHaram bombs. We need to watch our utterances, think before you say anything or write anything on social media because words are very powerful and they can go a long way in making or breaking people around us.

I believe we can make things work if we connect with each other and put aside our cultural differences.

PS: You may check out the full article here: When Will The Igbo Presidency Be?

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