Sunday, 29 March 2015

#FaraSpeaks: A Very Short Article On How Mosquitoes Kill Dreams

When the word came up my head, I remembered some scenes in the movie 'HOTEL RWANDA' which was about the war of attrition between the Hutu and Tutsi that led to ethnic violence with a lot of causalities... Thousands of people were massacred, reminds of the Nigerian civil war.

But this article is not about the Hutu and Tutsi neither is it about the Biafra - Not that they aren't significant though. This article is solely dedicated to mosquitoes. Yes, mosquitoes (I'm not crazy. OK maybe I am).

Mosquitoes aren't just a jeopardy to our health - agents of darkness malaria and all. They can make you go through hell (literally). But seriously, Mosquitoes are crazily annoying. Just when you think you are (temporarily) free from your crazy boss at work and lay on your bed to sleep (and probably dream about that sexy secretary at work), these blood sucking demons appears out of nowhere and suck the hell out of you. And what even irks me more than their painful bites is the annoying noise they make.... Can't they just suck my blood in peace?

Mosquitoes are annoying creatures. And we have some set of people in our lives that behaves just like them. They don't seem big or so physically present but they can mar our lifetime and destiny. They don't encourage us or push us to create things that matters.

All they do is make noise and suck the hell out of our dreams. They tell us our dreams are not realistic. They tell us our goals are too big and impossible. And the funny thing is that you don't even need to open the doors or windows for them to come in, they just do. They make us slack and unproductive.

For you to be able to take charge of your life and be productive, you need to identify these "mosquitoes". Then get a gun and shoot their brains off  get rid of them by; (a) Ignoring their advice (b) Surrounding yourself with those that will bring you closer to the person you intend becoming.

You deserve a good sleep for a great dream and a good health/concentration to make it big in life.You need a world devoid of unnecessary distractions- you have a handful already. 

Eradicate all the mosquitoes of your life and have a mosquito-free life.

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This is a #GuestPost written by Mr Faradara. Faradara is an award winning OAP, Speaker and Writer dedicated to impacting young minds. You may chase him on twitter @mrfaradara or have sex with him on Facebook