Tuesday, 28 July 2015

You Will Be Knocked Down No Matter How Hard You Try #Fact

Read all you want.
Pray all you can.
Fast all you can.
Get all the advice in the world.
Meet the most important people in the world.
Study hard.
Keep sleepless nights.
Have sex with successful people.

Do all of these and much more, you will still get knocked down one way or the other in as much as you are creating work that matters.

I have not met/seen/read about a successful entrepreneur who didn't get knocked down in the ring at least once or twice.

If you read all you want and get the best advice and coaching available, you still will not learn the hard lessons that one has to learn to become best in class at what you do.

You'd have to learn some things (especially when it comes to entrepreneurship) the hard way- which involves getting knocked down before you can learn them well.

But getting knocked down once or twice in the ring is not as important as getting back up and winning the round. Because that is what we have to do to be better in life and in our business.