Sunday, 14 June 2015

I Have Done So Many Stuffs...[Different Shapes, Colors and Sizes]

So in about a month, I would be a year older. I am not announcing because I want gifts, (OK maybe I do). What I normally do on my birthdays is reflect on the past years of my life and stuffs I have done (I do 'all of these' after the party of course-if there is a party anyway).

But I kind of had a 'Pre-Birthday reflection time" last night.

Over the past 20-something years of my life, I have done stuff. I've done stuff that I am proud of. I've done stuff I am not proud of. I've done big stuff. I've done small stuff. I've done black stuff, i've done white stuff.

I've made stuff, sold stuff, loved stuff, lost stuff, i've stolen stuff and had stuff stolen.

I've stayed up for years worrying about stuff, I didn't worry about stuff, tried stuff, erred, tried stuff again, and kept coming back to the table for more stuff.

i've aced stuff, bombed stuff, smoked stuff, drank stuff, celebrated stuff and cried about stuff-sometimes all in a day.

I've started stuff I couldn't finish (a lotta stuff set). I've finished stuff i never started, i've taken a leap when i needed to, and i've put my foot in my mouth when i didn't.

I've learned stuff, seen stuff, witnessed stuff, and watched stuff. I've worked with people who had stuff, people who never had stuff, people who just want your stuff, and people who want other stuff.

I've succeeded under extraordinary circumstances, failed under ordinary ones, made hard decisions the people would find easy, and made easy decisions other people would find absolutely impossible.

I have a lot of stuff i'm struggling with. But the most important lesson i have learnt in my life is to keep DOING stuff.

If we really want to get more out of life or make a positive difference in the world we live in, we need to keep doing stuff, regardless of the outcome.

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