Saturday, 22 December 2012


The power of the pen they say is mightier than the sword and I am going to use mine today to fight a battle that we are scared of confronting. I once had a blog (I shut it down) where I talked about the problems we are going through in this country and how we intended solving them. Then an incident occurred (I am not going to share) which led to its …… and since then I have decided not to write anything or tweet anything about our dilemma in this nation.

But something happened yesterday that triggered my subconscious to change direction on this subject. This is not the first time I have experienced this but yesterday was ‘frigging’ different.

I boarded a commercial vehicle from Obalende en route Ikeja and the traffic was ‘bumper-bumper’. We were on the same spot for close to 45mins. My white handkerchief had turned brown and we were all sweating profusely like goats to be slaughtered on Christmas day. I don’t need to mention the odour (combination of different colognes) oozing out of each and every one of us.

And all of a sudden, as if we were programmed, we shouted “Driver follow one-way now!” at the same time. The driver (maybe running on the same version of the software) succumbed to our ‘request’ not mindful of the LASTMA officials standing adjacent to our vehicle. That, my friend didn’t shake me a bit but what baffled me was that other vehicles followed suit. It was as if they were on a version 2.0 of the same program. And that my friend is what I call CORRUPTION.

We all seem to have a single story about corruption; money laundering, oil bunkery, election rigging and the list continues. And we also have this mentality that Nigeria is just a place. We are Nigeria (you and I).

All the characters in the short ‘real-life story’ of mine above were all corrupt. From the passengers to the driver, even the LASTMA officials that didn’t take any action and other vehicles that followed suit were all corrupt (me inclusive, although I have repented).

We have been clamoring for revolution (change) in this country but we are afraid to work towards its attainment. Sometimes because the status-quo suits us in some way, it helps us to be lazy.

 Like I always say in my talks and seminars that the only way to that change we desire in this nation is by self (personal) development.

We have to start with ourselves. After ourselves, we have to focus on others (those around us). By so doing we start creating ripple effects that would change the nation’s image across the globe.

Obey traffic laws, stop defacing walls with posters, pastors should stop using church money for their personal gain, stop urinating anywhere your ‘10-inches’ directs you to, the list continues.

Do not leave everything to the government. The government has been bad right from the days of john the Baptist (I wasn’t around then though).

This change we desire starts with us. Let’s start by exercising restrain when some evil thought is telling us to cheat in the exam hall or short- change a fellow brother.

Start with little things such as refraining from throwing pure water sachets out of vehicle windows.

Let us start with ourselves. One pure water sachet at a time and we can make Nigeria a better place.

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I would love to hear your take on this piece.

Sadiq Daniel