Saturday, 29 December 2012

Before You Sign Them Up: Should They Be On Your Team?

Have you ever wondered why more problems are brought to your desk than solutions? As an entrepreneur, you need to teach your staff to come up with the solutions to the problems they have even before they bring it up. They must be thoughtful and innovative; they must understand what it means to bring solutions to issues in a company without your intervention.

Not every problem must be solved by you as the employer. There are loads of things that are bagged out on your agenda and you don’t want your staff to bore you with silly problems that could be easily resolved.
We know though, that employees are the first to find faults and problems within the
organization. They do not feel they have any stake in the business, so why should they think up solutions? They forget that they are a part of the company and the smallest decisions affect them too. By the time you put your staff through the exercise of finding the solution before the problem, you would indeed discover those that have the intelligence or kind of thought process you require.
You would be able to separate the chaff from the wheat. Who needs a dullard these days!
Except he knows he’s job depends on proffering solutions to his own problems, he wouldn't take it just as serious as he should.

Gone are the days when employees are been spoon-fed with training and workshops, as much as that is required by organizations, many have budget cuts that it is now left to the employee to keep himself on top of his team at all times.
It is important for every individual to sharpen his/her thinking, and intelligence.

Lastly, a non-innovative and non-productive staff is a total loss to a company; and also the major cause of snail-growth or no growth within an enterprise.

It takes a lot of patience to build a dedicated team of innovative minds; the pain, and time is worth it.

Credit : The Street Hawker
Photo credit : photo bucket