Tuesday, 29 May 2012

UNILAG now MAU(Moshood Abiola University):From naming ceremony to disaster

          I never planned to write about the recent development in the name of one the prestigious universities in Nigeria (UNILAG) but when I saw how the news was spreading like wild fire i decided to join in the 'groove'.
        I was on my bed thinking of how to find time out of my tight schedule to see Dami, he had just lost his cousin and I must pay him a visit before I return to school. but how is that possible considering the fact that I have loads of work to attend to.different thoughts and ideas kept strolling in until I heard someone shout "JESUS" it was my younger brother's voice. What happened? What made him scream like that? I must tell you, I was scared. I ran down to where he was but when i got there he was alright, there was nothing wrong with him.
       I swear i heard his voice, I could tell my brother's voice even in my sleep. so when I confronted him, he said "Dan, see wetin your president don do again. He changed the name of UNILAG to Moshood Abiola university".

My mouth was wide open, I couldn't believe my ears. I picked up my phone, dialed my friend's number and asked about what i just heard, he confirmed it. I still didn't believe until I logged on to my Facebook and twitter accounts and saw loads of status updates and comments on my timeline about the name-change.
      Just yesterday I wrote an article on Jonathan's 365 days in office, mentioning the fact that it was a disaster and how he was in the belly of a big fish called Nigeria. Who will definitely deliver him from this big fish now. He has stepped on the toes of many in this country.
      He doesn't have the perfect timing for his decisions, at first, it was the removal of oil subsidy on New Year's day, now on democracy day changed the name of the dream school of many to Moshood Abiola University. What for? Will that create good jobs, provide electricity and infrastructures for the development of the students? Is this the 'fresh air' he promised Nigerians? Can you feel the 'fresh air' from all he had done so far.

      In economics class, we were taught by our teachers to make decisions according to how important and relevant they are, with the less important ones coming after the most important decisions have been made. But, his excellency has done otherwise. The matter of insecurity in Nigeria is one thing the president should tackle and not some 'naming ceremony'.
      It is only when a man marries an illiterate that can make decisions as foolish as that of Jonathan's.
This singular act of renaming UNILAG has brought nothing other than confusion which could lead to unnecessary violence.
Student's of UNILAG have marched out of their hostels and gathered at the Yaba tech junction where they moved round the school chanting protest songs denouncing the name change of the school.
The students blocked all access roads to the school causing heavy traffic on the university of Lagos road. Some carried placards with inscriptions: reverse or resign, UNILAG can't be called MAU! etc.

       It is obvious that GEJ has made one of the worst decision in his life and the questions to ask are: what would GEJ do? And will he ever be delivered from the belly of this big fish?

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