Friday, 22 June 2012

Nigeria’s Security crises: “NAUGHTY JONAH”AT IT AGAIN

PRESIDENT Goodluck Ebele Jonathan left the country on a trip to Rio de Janero, Brazil for the United Nations’ Earth summit, Rio+20; at a time the country was facing serious security crises.
In response to the critics Jonathan said “one of the problems we have is that some Nigerians play politics with everything, but we cannot destroy our country because of personal political ambitions”. Adding that much of the incessant and often unjustifiable criticisms of his administration were based on lies.
There are so many flaws in the statement made by the president.
” Incessant and often unjustifiable criticism of his administration”. What is not justified in the criticism of his administration? His choice of Rio over the security of his people was a poor decision.
Hundreds died last Sunday, more were injured. Whatever benefit the summit has for Nigeria could be obtained in his absence. He should have devoted himself to resolving the crisis. Was his trip to Brazil a demonstration of indifference to the bloodshed at home?
Should he be reminded of his oath of office?

He swore to uphold the constitution, which in section 14 (2b) states, “the security and welfare of the people shall be the primary purpose of government.” Where is the security for our people? Will the president find them in Rio? I doubt if he even knows the constitution. I am not sure if he is even qualified to be the president of this country judging by his decisions. The word Priority is not in his dictionary, if he has one.
The people have lost confidence in government protecting them.
Hardly a Sunday passed since the beginning of 2012 without a church being attacked. Where the killings are not in churches, gunmen repealed at robbery operations return to take out as many people as they like.
Government reacts mostly through condolences and toothless threats to the attackers who know that they are above the law. What leadership has GEJ provided in this matter?
If the tragedy in the Northern Nigeria is not politics then what is it? Our presumed leader has not given us the answers we need in this country.
GEJ upon arrival at Rio, Brazil

Criticism is the only democratic tool left for us to use in this country. The level of impunity worries Nigerians, governments ask for patience.
 Should the president not have stayed home to oversee the brewing crisis?
While hundreds are being obliterated, the president jets out to Rio to attend an Earth summit. It is a shameful and disgraceful misplacement of priority. GEJ has not even succeeded in saving Nigeria and he is rushing abroad to save the Earth.
Jonathan has shown that he is not ready and competent to lead Nigeria. Other world leaders will privately mock him. They would say “what is he doing here? Nigeria is on fire and he has not put off the fire and he is here to save the Earth?” what a hero he is.
Charity, they say, begins at home. But ‘Naughty Jonah’ does not care