Thursday, 21 February 2013


Have you ever felt like an alien on planet earth (that feeling where everything seems impossible) or even giving up on your dreams. Smile! You are not alone. I got you covered.
You might be an alien (that crashed into planet earth to make a positive difference in the world we live), but don’t give up on those dreams.
You have heard it time without numbers that you should ‘dream big’  but what path are you taking to fulfill those dreams of yours? Having great dreams without taking the right path is like pouring water inside a basket (you know the rest of the story).
I once told my audience when I gave a presentation some few months ago that “No dream is too big to achieve if you cut out your heart put your mind to it”.
The fact that things are not working out the way you want them to, does not mean you have to abandon those dreams of yours. This is one mistake so many people make. In your search for success, many obstacles will stand between you and your goal. Don’t abandon your goals; instead, consider altering the path you are taking to reach them.
Aside the “Thomas Edison’s story” (the guy that invented the electric light after a thousand unsuccessful attempts), there is this story in the bible about a young boy that killed a giant with a ‘stone’ that triggered my subconscious to act.
This was a war where there were suicide bombers soldiers with missiles heavy armory (even the giant) but this dude dropped the armour offered to him by the king. Instead, he picked ‘5 stones’.
“What was he thinking?” I asked myself. He refused the armour because he understood that the battle lines have changed. He could not afford to use old weapons to fight new battles. And this, my friend, is what I call ‘revisiting your strategies’.
The reason why we keep getting the same result is because we continue doing the same thing over and over again. As long as you keep putting new wine in old wine skins, you should be sure you will get the same result.
The fact that you couldn’t fulfill those goals you set in 2012 does not mean you should abandon them. You can even do more in 2013.
All you need is persistence and revisiting your strategies. If Thomas Edison was not persistent he would have stopped half way. And if he had not altered the path he was trending, he would have kept getting the same result even with persistence.
If the armour could give victory, why did King Saul not use them to fight the giant (Goliath)?
The fact that one person took one path and he succeeded doesn’t mean you would if you do likewise (even if you have similar goals). Most people are failing today because they haplessly adopt strategies that never once brought results. Some are just too rigid that they can’t alter the path they are trending.
Don’t give up. Don’t settle for less. If Thomas Edison had tried once or twice and succeeded in fixing electric light, we won’t be talking about him the way we are now. He would just be like the other guys (I can’t even remember their names) that invented stuffs.
If David had also used an armour and even atomic bomb swords, he would just be like other war lords (At least he was not the only one that defeated a giant in the bible) but because he used ‘5 stones’, he tried something new, he made history.
These guys (David and Edison) revisited their strategies; they embraced change and made history.
What is the use of dreaming great dreams and not living those dreams?
You have absolutely amazing untapped talents and abilities that, when properly unleashed and applied, can bring you everything you could ever want in life.
If you have tried everything and you are not still getting that desired result, all you have to do is alter the path (revisit your strategies) you are taking to reach them.
Locate your own “5 stones” today and you too can make history.

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