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One thing I think needs to be scrapped in our schools is the legendary “Noise-makers lists”... here are my reasons for saying that:

It makes no sense
It makes no sense
It makes no sense

For Non-Nigerians/some aliens living among us; The “Noise-makers list” A.K.A “Names of Noise makers”, is a list that was invented by school teachers to ensure that their pupils/students maintain orderliness.

This is how it works: Every class (in a school) has a captain. So the teacher instructs the captain to write down the names of pupils/students that utters a word in his/her absence. So when the teacher gets back, he/she calls out the names of the pupils/students on the list and punishes/whips them with cane.

In order words, if you don’t want to be punished by these teachers, you have to try your possible best not to have your name on that list- Even if all it takes is “duct-tapping” your mouth or cutting out your tongue or anything, because the teacher’s punishment is grave than hell itself.

I guess we are all on the same page now.

While I was in primary and secondary school, I tried all my possible best not to have my name on that list. I succeeded except in some few cases.

By the time I left secondary school, I found it hard to ask my crush out on a date, I even found it hard to discuss with my parents on certain issues that are important to me… and so many things like that. And it went on and on and on….

 I was quiet because I had been taught that it was the right thing to do. I suffered in silence.

I became so ugly, and it got so bad that I became dumb eventually (because practically all my life up till that point, I didn’t really talk)…. It took a lot of casting of demons before I could talk again. And crazy work before I could make noise.

I have been making crazy noise ever since. And I don’t think I’d never stop making noise. I was fortunate to speak to some teenagers at a secondary school at Ogba, Lagos state last week because of my noise making skills. And funny enough, I taught them “How to Make More Noise”.

It took me almost a year to start making noise after so many years of trying so hard not to be in the “noise-makers” list. The whole process was difficult for me, but I was glad I did. And one thing I noticed was that when I started making noise, things changed for the positive and more importantly I became an angel more handsome.

Noise makers are sexy people; they tend to make the most difficult things look easy… Not because they are better than anybody else but because they are good noise makers.

Noise makers tend to get all the meat and leave the bones for the quiet ones. Most times the quiet ones might knows better than the ones making noises, but nobody seems to give a fuck  fufu about them.
So the quiet ones then start hating and cursing. In the process become ugly and sick and maybe…. Die in the process.

What I am trying to say is that, for us to be successful in life we have to put ourselves where people can see us. We have to make noise about what we can do.

 Don’t just sit at home swearing and cursing about how better you are than Stephen keshi as a coach, or….

Let people know you can make better cakes than the one they’ve ever tasted. Let them know you can sing better than Beyonce. Let your boss know that you can do it better than the alien dude that was assigned that task. Let them know you can play better than Messi….

Every successful person once told someone that knows someone that knows someone. They made noise. And they didn’t stop at making noise alone. They were consistent with it. Because they know that one day, someone out there will hear them…. This is the sole reason why I pledged to be consistent with my writing.

The key word is networking. There is no too much of it. You never can tell where you’d meet that crazy investor who would invest in your idea.

Bottom Line:

We need to re-orientate ourselves, tear that mental “Noise Makers list” in your head and start making noise. And if you have been making noise, make more noise. And if you have been making a lot of noise, try crazy noise making. Keep making all the noises available.

Good luck on your quest to becoming one of the sexiest people alive!

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