Thursday, 10 July 2014


I am officially in my mid 20’s and I still can’t ride a bicycle… I am a bad cook (I can only boil water but can’t make shit happen)… I can’t write “G” the right way after years of practice…. I still suck at mathematics… I still suck at playing football – I just couldn’t fit into any position… I still don’t have a single investor for my start-up after all the effort I had put into getting one…


I am HAPPY… no matter how bad a cook I am, my family still loves me. Some people still respect my person. I still make people around me feel special… no matter how bad I am at mathematics; I found “X” eventually, and that counts as something. I am still in business and I know I’d hit that Crazy investor that’ll invest in my crazy idea.
So I found "X"

The whole point is- I am Happy. And there is nothing like it. I also think it is the best thing anyone can ever be in life.

HAPPY is never sick
HAPPY is never poor
HAPPY is not a terrorist
HAPPY is not a cynic
HAPPY is not a racist.
HAPPY is Crazy
HAPPY is weird
HAPPY is giving when you don’t have
HAPPY is …………………

As weird as it may sound, this article is not about happiness. It is about gratitude. Happy is never Happy without gratitude.

The ability to see good in everything- even things that appear to be bad, makes you qualified to be HAPPY.

A life without happiness is like a Ferrari without fuel in it…

You deserve to be HAPPY.  Even when there is nothing to smile about, fake a smile!

Be Happy! There is nothing like it


P.S: I want to say a big thank you to everyone that sent me birthday wishes, especially my Ma- she surprised me yesterday. you guys are awesome.

P.P.S: this how i looked like while i wrote this article yesterday....