Thursday, 31 May 2012

DNA vs MBA: You can never be a success by degree

 Something happened recently that triggered my subconscious to act. I was in a bus with someone and during the course of our discussion, she mentioned the fact that it is not easy getting a good job in the country, so after her Bsc, she would go for masters in order to increase her chances.
I was perplexed and at the same time not surprised to hear that. You see, many people think that way. You don’t need a 1st class to ride on first class. Your certificate is not a determining factor of you being successful in life.
 I was watching a program on cable sometime last year and Pat utomi on that same program said something that touched me. He said “Nigeria is filled with certified illiterates’
 More than 10 million Nigerian graduates are out there jobless. Why? Because, they have underestimated the importance of intuition, they never recognized the fact that their degree is just a lamp to guide them through darkness.
We need to change our mentality about life, we need to change the way we view life.
 Education is just there to show you the way and not take you there; it is your intuition, your thinking that would bring you success in life. 

Your success in life deals more with your DNA and less of the MBA you have acquired.

The university would not teach you how to become a success. Outside the four walls of the university or college lies a different ball game that is different from the principles you have learnt in college.
We are exposed to more information that our fore- fathers might have been exposed to in a lifetime, but we are lazy to use them. Instead we depend on the achievement of others. We no longer take time to think daily on the person we intend becoming in life
I am not saying you should drop out from school, we have great men that went to school and succeeded but education was not the major factor for their success. One thing that made them standout was how they viewed life; they saw life in a whole new way, thy discovered themselves and helped people to live better with their talents.
 If you want to be a success in life, you have to discover yourself. You have to think, there is no such thing as a stupid idea. 

Think outside the box.

There is a reason why you were created on earth, discover that reason and fulfill it. In every man lie unlimited potentials waiting to be unleashed. Tap into you potentials.
Discovering yourself isn’t enough if you want to be a success. One major difference between a successful person and a failure is that the successful person will consistently perform in such different way.

What makes extraordinary people extraordinary is the little EXTRA things which ORDINARY people neglect.

 Your life is a field of unlimited possibilities; if you focus your activities on cultivating success, success will flourish. If you want to succeed in any area of your life, you must nourish that area daily through your actions. The bounty of success is within your grasp, you need only to reach out and take it.
In addition, your actions determine your value in life.
Your net worth does not determine your value to the world around you.

To people, the value you hold is determined by the degree of benefit you bring to their lives. A glass of cold water has absolutely no value to a thirsty man unless he can drink it. Likewise, although you may possess tremendous potential, unless you develop your potential so it benefits others, it is worthless.

Every act is a seed that will create the plant of a corresponding reaction, and eventually produce the fruitful harvest of an ultimate result. If you desire a more abundant harvest, then you need to increase the number of actions seeds you sow.

Watch out for the concluding part of DNA vs MBA, where you will learn how to condition your self for success, tame fear and eliminate fear.
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