Saturday, 2 June 2012

Lesson from God: water, water, water everywhere

Rain! Rain! Go away come again another day little children want to play. You remember that song right, we used to chant it when we want to play but it is raining?
Hell yeah! I do. But right now this rain has not stopped. It is raining cat and dog in most part of Lagos and it is hindering me from most things I intended doing.
I chanted that song for like 1, 2, 3……. I have even lost count yet, it is still raining. Is it because I am no longer a kid, or what?
God has way of showing us how supreme and powerful he is and how significant the roles he plays in our lives are.
Man has the power to control so many things on earth but there are some things we just can’t comprehend. Rain for instance, is one of the conditions that we cannot control.
We can control any other thing on earth but nature. The least we can do is predict or forecast. Even the weather forecasts are now being proven wrong, what I heard yesterday on the weather forecast was light shower not this ‘Jacuzzi’ that has kept me indoor all day.
Some parts of Lagos affected by flood

When I hear stories of how people have been using black magic to stop rain from falling, I just laugh because you can’t cheat that thing called nature.
God just allows some things to happen and many see that as their own doing.
One other lesson you can learn from God is that he has a reason for doing what he wills.
The same rain that has rendered many homeless is also the one that has given many hopes for living and responsible for making some millionaires.
Rain is good and soothing to animal, man and plants but when it is accompanied with heavy storm (destroying lives and properties, making people lose their loved ones, jobs and all), there is cause for concern.
Mother nature in action

You see people asking questions like; is there really God? If there is, why has he allowed this great tribulation befallen them? Neglecting the fact that, the same God is the reason why they are alive and able to ask such a question.
If you ask me, I would tell you all things work together for good. And if you don’t believe me ask Mr. Amodu, my former primary school teacher (if you know where he lives) who told me a story of a man that believes in the principle that all things work together for good.
One day, the man and the king of his town went hunting and in the course of the adventure, the king got injured. The king called on the man for help, after helping the king the man said all things work together for good. The king was so furious when he heard this statement that he asked his guards to put the man in jail but the man kept saying all things works together for good.
The next morning the king went hunting alone and he had an encounter with a boar. The boar was hungry and ready to devour the defenseless king. But when the boar saw blood dripping from the king’s arm (the boar doesn’t eat wounded prey) retreated. The king could not phantom what happened.
When the king got back to the palace and narrated everything to this man, the man said can you see that all things worked together for good.
If the king had not been injured, he would have been devoured by the boar and if he had not imprisoned the man, he also would have been killed.
Oh!  It has stopped raining.  One word I have for all those that have been affected one way or the other by this rain is that God has a reason for acting the way he does and all things works together for good. Who knows!