Monday, 4 June 2012

BLACK SUNDAY: 153 lives lost in plane crash + suicide bombing in Bauchi state;15 dead,40 injured

Yesterday, Sunday 3rd of June 2012 was a day that would remain glued in the hearts of Nigerians especially those staying around Toyin Street, Iju Lagos state where a Dana airplane crashed into less than three buildings which were destroyed by fire.
The air plane that crashed contained 153 passengers plus cabin crew which were confirmed dead.
Residents said the plane had been coming in low, making a loud noise, when it slammed into the residential area. Some said it appeared that the plane nose- dived into the neighborhood. A resident even said after the plan crash landed it was in that position for about 20 minutes before it caught fire.
Over 153 people gone just like that? When I heard this tragic news on radio, I felt something cold running down my spine; I shivered and couldn't help the tears pouring down from my eyes. i wept till there were No longer tears in my eyes.
Scene of the Dana airplane crash
more pictures of the wreckage

I wept bitterly because it could have been me, you, my family on that plane. I learnt a Nigerian artiste Iyanya missed the flight and I am happy for him but how many Iyanya survived that crash?
Six infants, oh my God! Six infants were also on board, six innocent souls, and six potential leaders of tomorrow. even the residents were not left out, you can imagine the fate of families having a good time at home *sobs* when the plane crash landed in their various houses, destroying properties and leaving many injured.
This incident could have happened anywhere and to any body making me wonder if there is anywhere safe; our houses, workplace, streets and even churches are no longer safe.
Same Sunday, 15 people died while 40 were injured when a suicide bomber, tried to drive an explosives-packed car into a church in Bauchi
Residents said that the explosion caused the church building to collapse, prompting dozens of people to flee seeking refuge, but some ran straight into a fire raging outside caused by the bombing.
Boko Haram has claimed attacks killing more than 1,000 in Nigeria since July 2009 with some of the worst blood shed coming in the north-east.
Bauchi's bombing

This incident came after another plane crash on Saturday night in the capital of Ghana, which saw a cargo plane overshot a runway and hit a passenger bus, killing at least 10 people. The allied air cargo plane had departed from Lagos and was to land in Accra.
Nigerian Boeing 727 cargo airplane that crashed in Accra

Yesterday’s tragedy came less than 24 hours after the tragic day on Lagos- Ibadan expressway where 24 vehicles which included 15tankers, luxury bus, 5 mini buses, 1 car and 2 pick up vans were burnt after an
articulated vehicle carrying fuel fell and caught fire.
Lagos - Ibadan Inferno

Over 200 lives have been lost in less than 76 hours, leaving us with questions like: what sin have we committed to procure the wrath of God? What have these people done to deserve this? Is it the fault of the government? We are no better than those that lost their lives in each of these tragic situations. They don't deserve to die, not even the way they did.
It is obvious that the government cannot provide the panacea we need and only God has all the answers. All we can do is to plead for his mercy upon us and this nation Nigeria.
To those that have lost their loved ones, bread winners, family members, colleagues and properties, I pray that they find solace in God.