Monday, 3 September 2012


“The dude is stinking rich; he just got himself a Rolls Royce of 45million naira” Bimbo argued with his colleagues as I passed by. Oh! Who got himself a Rolls Royce? I asked. Initially I never intended joining in the conversation as I was in a rush to get myself what to eat, but two words caught my attention; Rolls Royce and 45million naira. More than two words I guess.

When my friend Jimi heard about the Rolls Royce and the money, he told me something that left me hanging. What could he have said? He said he would make sure he gets rich by all means. Good dream, but what would he do to get the financial freedom he desires? I asked myself.

I guess I got myself three questions that require answers but which one of them is the million dollar question?

We have so many ‘Jimi’ out there; you just have to trust me when I say this. I have attended a lot of seminars ranging from wealth creation to leadership and I have seen frustrated and desperate guys, as in messed up guys. One thing I have discovered overtime is that they don’t really know what financial freedom really means. Having a lot of money is not financial freedom, you might have a lot of money and still work for it but when you get money to work for you, then you are financially free.

Another thing I noticed is that many people want to be successful in life but some are afraid to do what it takes while others want to start big; they have this ‘big money-big profits’ mentality. We have heard it countless times to start small and think big. If you can’t handle the little cash you have now what makes you sure you won’t do likewise when you have something bigger?

“He who fails to plan, plans to fail” is a cliché that is still valid but if you plan and you don’t take a single step, you are heading for the opposite of success big time.

Action is the fuel of success. You already possess the raw material necessary to produce success. Your dream is the seed and your ability to take action is the nourishment needed to cause your seed to bear fruit, although activity does not always equal productivity.

Action is the food and drink, which will nourish your success. Your life is filled of unlimited possibilities; if you focus your activities on cultivating success, success will flourish. If you want to succeed in any area of your life, you must nourish that area daily through your actions.

Investors would never invest in your idea no matter how big and convincing it might be until you have actually done something with it.

Think big and start with what you have. Nourish that idea daily. The bounty of success is within your grasp, you need only to reach out and take it. Don’t be one of those people that busy themselves with activity in order to keep their minds off the unfulfilling aspects of their lives. Take time daily to develop yourself.

I guess I have answered all questions. Oh! I forgot to tell you who bought the Rolls Royce. Hmm! who was it again? Check it out at
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                                                                                                      Sadiq Daniel