Monday, 25 November 2013

When The “Nigerian god” Is On Sabatical Leave

This blog looks so dusty *picks broom and starts sweeping*. It’s been a while since I posted something on this blog. I am terribly sorry.

Just when I thought nobody would miss me, I got anonymous calls from people, asking about my where-about and why I haven’t stolen posted anything in ages. Those guys made me realize how wrong I was and why I needed to get back to writing and be consistent about it because people are out there watching….*Digression alert beeps*

Some days ago, while I hung out with a close friend of mine, I overheard a conversation between a middle aged woman and a young sesi babe. The way this babe ranted was what drew my attention to the “convo”.

She ranted about how ASUU had delayed her from graduating from the university……

And when I was about to stand from where I was seated to ask her out (the way she ranted attracted me to her. It was as if we were meant to be together),  she said something that spoiled the whole show -  “God knows better and that she’d just keep ‘praying’ ASUU calls off the strike”.

Nothing irks me more when I hear aliens people (even my mama) utter such statements- most especially in situations such as this.

In Nigeria, we seem to have embraced the “leave it to God” slogan and worse passed it on to our kids. Maybe because it is very easy to say or maybe it is the right thing to say in certain circumstances.

But there are several things we have left to this “god” that has made me question the ‘authenticity’ of this god. Maybe we have a different ‘god’ we serve in Nigeria because most things appear to be f*cked here and he seems to care less.

If this ‘god’ were to be a WAEC student, he would definitely have “F” in all his papers, because he has failed us in so many ways.

Remember the ‘Sosoliso’ air crash, “we left it to this god” and Dana crash happened.

Remember the girl that was severely beaten and molested for stealing a blackberry phone in Lagos. “We left it in this god’s hands” and ALUU4 happened *wipes tear off*

There are so many instances but the above ones are painful enough to drive home my point.

 We haven’t learnt a single lesson from our mistakes. After crying for like a day or two, we move on. And leave everything to this ‘Nigerian god’.

In the advanced countries we are quick to compare ‘naija’ to; things like these don’t happen. And even if they do, measures are being taken to prevent them from re-occurring. The system doesn’t embark in a 7-day dry fasting- leaving it to ‘god’ to solve.

But we (Nigerians) are religious people. We are ‘friggin’ religious even to the point of using a fellow human for money rituals.

We are addicted to praying without doing shit….

When the govt refuses to pay teachers… we pray

When there is no power supply….we pray

When ASUU is on strike… we pray

When a govt official loots funds… we pray

After all these years of praying without doing shit, we still haven’t come to the realization that we might be praying amiss.

I am sure each time we pray to this “Nigerian god”, all he does is just shake his head vigorously while he sips orange juice.

Maybe we should pray after all but we need to accompany those prayers with work.

Maybe we need to tap into our creative mind and create more jobs

Maybe we need to stand up and speak against sexual abuse

Maybe we need to stand up and speak against lynching

Maybe we just need to do the right thing at the right time.

Maybe then Nigeria might eventually become that country we always wanted it to be. Maybe then the revolution we seek might eventually surface.

Let us make little things such as obeying traffic regulations, proper disposal of wastes.

We shouldn’t just sit there and wait for one ‘god’ to come clean up our mess. He is probably on leave. Let us clean them ourselves.

We need to DO more… let’s keep Doing

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Wishing you extreme success,
Sadiq Daniel.

PS: I was high on Viju milk while I wrote this article… So don’t take it personal because I could not even see what I was typing. But you may pursue me on twitter @sadiq_daniel to see my sober tweets.