Wednesday, 26 November 2014

If You Are Not Crazy, You Can't Be An Entrepreneur

Before you quit your job or tell your stupid boss to go to hell, you should read this article.

I don't have a degree in business or an MBA and I haven't attended world class seminars on business... So it is very okay if you don’t believe anything you read here.

I have helped a few start-ups and I have also created some myself - some crashed and some are struggling to survive... So I think I have a few things to say about entrepreneurship. They may look stupid or sound controversial but I swear they'd do you a lot of good... And maybe save you money.

Entrepreneurship Is Not An Escape Route:
I know "9-5" jobs are crazy. ..Waking up as early as 4am; so you could get to work early and probably save your ass from getting kicked job. Then you work tirelessly like an animal (your effort might go unnoticed) till 5pm… You get home around 11pm, if you are lucky and the cycle continues.

So, many people are looking escape routes… things that won't wear them out – a situation where they'd work less and earn more. As humans it is okay to look for alternatives when things are not working out the way we anticipated. But they make the mistake of thinking creating a business is that escape route... No it isn't! Maybe Money rituals or Yahoo-Yahoo (internet scam) is… But entrepreneurship isn't.

Entrepreneurship Is Not Sexy:
 Starting and growing a business is full of shit. It is for only those that are ready to get dirty (not the kind of dirty you are thinking). Oh! You think “9-5” is stressful? Try entrepreneurship. When you start your own business there is no time bracket.

There will be times where no one would give a fuck about your ideas. You'd pitch your ideas to so many investors that will tell you to tell you to go to hell. Even when you get investors, your business might not strive. You'd waste a lot of money on advertisement... You'd spend more and earn less... You'd make a lot of stupid mistakes.

Only Crazy People Can Become True Entrepreneurs: 
Entrepreneurship is crazy and you have to be crazy if you want to make it.

Entrepreneurship is not what you think it is ...Entrepreneurship is beyond becoming your own boss or any of those "Disney- land" kinds of imaginations we have about starting up a business.

There will be times where you won't sleep for days, trying to work on a new idea.
There will be times where you'd be everything - customer service, marketing department, Finance department ... And no one even your stupid boss would be there to monitor you.

When you launch your start up, Crazy things will happen. Things will get harder but you just have to believe in your idea. You'd make mistakes but you learn from them and make better mistakes. People might not give a damn about your idea but you just have to be persistent.

When you make a mistake, don't try to fix it. Instead try fixing the process.

Invest in books... Read books on business, these books will help you a lot.

Entrepreneurship is crazy but it is all about contributing your own quota to the world we live in. 

Entrepreneurship is about making an impact and making a positive difference.

Entrepreneurship is no easy way out. Entrepreneurship is not sexy and entrepreneurship is not for lazy people.

If you have a start-up, kindly share your start up idea and your experience.

PS: I think you should read Smart People Don't Give A Fuck About Your Idea too.

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