Wednesday, 26 November 2014

That Department Every Small Biz Owner Must Take Seriously

The most important department in a business is not the production department. Neither is it the creativity department nor the marketing department.... Nor even the tech and finance departments.

These departments (listed above) have distinct roles they play in the growth and advancement of any business, but none of them is the most important department.

What then is the most import department in a business?

The "team department". The team department is the most important department in a business and every business owner must take this department very seriously.

Many businesses (especially small businesses) fail because they don't invest in the "team department". They don't know it even existed.

The team department is the most important because they understand and believe the goals of the business. They work hand in hand to make shit happen.

The team department understands that there is no YOU when it comes to growth in a business.

The team department understands that when a particular department fails, the business fails. And if a particular department succeeds, the business succeeds.

The team department is so strong that even the competitors can not break through them.

Every business owner should take the team department very seriously.

Organize events where all departments in your company will come together and share ideas on things that needs to be fixed. And more importantly how the business can get bigger.

Help them understand the philosophy of your company and help them buy into the goals and vision of the business.

You as a business owner must take the team department very seriously because without the team department, there is no business.

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