Sunday, 14 December 2014

Knowing Guilt Is Okay Vs Feeling Guilt Is Not

GUILT is a factor of a CONSCIENCEGOOD people have a conscience, BAD people don't… If they do, it must be a skinny one.

BAD people don't usually feel guilty because they are probably busy being bad.

GOOD people feel guilty because: they are GOOD and their CONSCIENCE is like a sensor that tells them when they have deviated from the GOOD track.
Even if they did something wrong like…. Kill their pastor let someone down or they screwed up.... I still think it is a good sign if you ask me, because they have a CONSCIENCE

What is not making sense in my opinion is - staying GUILTY. Staying guilty without doing anything about it is like tasting the soup you were cooking only to discover that there is no sufficient salt in it. And still didn’t do anything about the soup (like add more salt or something).

The guilt then is pointless....and a waste of emotions.

If you feel guilty about something, try to MAKE THINGS RIGHT....or just
feel something else!!!

This Article is written by Victory Anosike – A medical student that draws a lot, a blogger that thinks a lot and an abnormal thinker who eats Eba a lot…. Follow him on twitter @iamanosike and check out his crazy articles at