Monday, 2 February 2015

2 Great Stuffs I Learnt About Life and Writing In 2014

I started this blog 3 years ago with the intention of posting a learning per day. After posting consistently for about a week or so, I stopped. I couldn't handle the pressure - at that time I was shuttling between school projects and assignments. I just couldn't balance blogging in 'all of that'.

So I became less consistent with writing, in fact I almost went AWOL. (At that time I was posting not more than an article in 2 months).

So late last year after following some blogs, I was inspired to continue writing. In course of writing I learnt that WordPress has a better platform, so I made findings on how to switch from blogger to WordPress.

This was when things started to fall apart again... I started planning the "switch" that I got so overwhelmed in it and stopped writing. I wanted everything to be perfect first. Unfortunately, the money I needed to make the necessary arrangements didn't turn up. Things went from bad to worse - I started having doubts and my writing skills became rusty.

But luckily for me, I'm beginning to get my mojo back and here are few things I learnt from my experience.

1) The Process Is The Most Important Thing, Don't Forget:

Regardless of what we intend doing or becoming in life, the process is what defines us and not the result. If I had focused on the process (and continued writing everyday), I'm sure I would have made a lot of mistakes, learned from them, made better mistakes and become a better writer - which is far better than any platform (what use is a great design if the content is bad).

2) Consistency Is Key In Anything You Are Doing: This is just to buttress point (1) above. In the process of pursing our dreams or goals in life, we would encounter a few hitches. But these hitches don't mean our goals are too big to be achieved. Sometimes what they mean is that we need to alter the path (process) a little bit. And consistency is what will stop us from giving up. You might not see the results now (because they are microscopic) but you really need to keep your head up and keep moving.

FINAL NOTE:  Hopefully I'd make the switch before next month but I promise to be consistent with my articles this year 2015.
And if this is your first time on this blog, you are welcome. This blog focuses on creativity, life issues and ideas that challenges the status quo. Sometimes I share great marketing tips and career advice for teenagers.

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